"Alastor's Reprise" is a song, featured near the end of the pilot, sung by Alastor when he convinces Charlie that he has her best interests at heart, until his performance is interrupted by Sir Pentious.

It is a reprise of Charlie's song "Inside of Every Demon is a Rainbow".


You have a dream,
You wish to tell,
And it's just laughable
But, hey kid, what the hell?

'Cause you're one of a kind,
A charming demon belle!
Now, let's give these burning fools a place to dwell
Take it, boys!


Inside of every demon is a lost cause
But we'll dress them up for now with just a smile
Wicked smiles~!

And we'll chlorinate this cesspool
With some old redemption flair
And show these simpletons some proper class and style
Class and Style!

Here below the ground,
I'm sure your plan is sound
They'll spend a little time
Down at this Hazbin Ho-


  • This is Alastor's first song.
  • It is the third song of the pilot.
  • The rhythm of the song, as well as the way Alastor dresses himself and the other characters during his performance, resembles the songs and style of the 1920s and 1930s. In particular, the song is styled after Jazz and Swing music befitting that he lived in New Orleans, Louisiana when he was alive.
  • The song might be a reference to the 2009 Disney film, The Princess and the Frog. Alastor dresses Charlie in a 30's style dress while making her dream come true, much like Dr. Facilier, the villain of said movie.
    • Alastor also casts shadow demons from the fireplace during the song, a reference to Dr. Facilier's "Friends from the Other Side".
  • Niffty can be seen cleaning up after Alastor during the scene where he kicks a skull to the side.
  • Throughout the song, it can be observed that the makeover Alastor has given the hotel fits a deer-like theme.


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