Angel Dust is the biggest adult-film star, mobster, and the first patient of the Happy Hotel run by Charlie, the daughter of Lucifer. He is one of the protagonists of Hazbin Hotel. Although being a patient his antics and careless behavior possibly put the hotel's success at possible risk.


Angel Dust is a tall, very slim spider demon with fluffy hair, with pink details upon his body. His eyes do not match with one another along with sharp teeth and a golden tooth.

His clothes usually consist of a white suit with pink stripes, a black and pink bowtie, a thin black choker, pink gloves followed by black shorts and long thigh high boots, covering the majority of his legs.


He is a very sarcastic and sassy fellow who has no problem with being reckless in his own ways, known to be a bit of a prankster, he can be either a playful mess or easily destructive of he pleases. Angel Dust's attitude can be considered blunt yet with a sense of style, always carrying a dramatic persona everywhere he goes.

He does, however, avoid holding emotional relationships with others, and tends to be a loose cannon most of the time instead of being a rather serious character.


Born in a crime family, Angel Dust is the biggest adult-film star superstar in all of Hell. Drowning out his world with narcotics and a twisted sense of humor, he becomes the hotel's first unpredictable patient.



Vaggie and Angel share a passive-aggressive relationship with each other. For now, they are on basic terms with one another.


The relationship between Alastor and Angel is unknown, however, Angel his mentioned that Alastor is like a "Strawberry Pimp" in regards to his looks.


One of Charlie's first patients with the hotel.