"I'm addicted, I'm dependant. Looking awesome, feeling helpless. And I know I'm raising caine by every highway in Hell. Maybe things won't be so terrible inside this hotel..."
―Angel Dust, in the official “ADDICT" music video

Anthony, more commonly known as Angel Dust, is an adult film star and the first patient at the Happy Hotel. A spider demon who elected to be the first the Hotel is to redeem, his selfish actions of using the Hotel as a rent-free living space threaten to jeopardize Charlie's dream.


Angel is estimated to stand around 8-9'00" tall; he has a slender build with fluffy white hair and pink details on his fur, including a pink heart on the back of his head. He wears notable eye shadow and eyeliner and while both of his irises are pink, his left eye has a dark sclera and no pupil. He also possesses a single golden fang among his sharp teeth, a trait he shares with his boss, Valentino.

One of Angel's most noticeable features is his prominent chest, which often confuses fans and other characters alike regarding his gender. The chest is composed entirely of fur, and the fur that angel treats as breast's are actually a cluster of his fur pushed up over time to shape breast’s due to the tightness of his jacket (as shown in one of Vivziepop's speed draws).

Angel's normal attire consists of a white suit with pink stripes, a black and pink bow tie, a black choker, pink gloves, a black miniskirt and long black thigh high heel boots. These boots are sometimes shown with pink stripes in official artwork, but these stripes do not appear in the show.

Though usually depicted with six limbs, Angel has a third retractable set of arms that he can summon to use at will.


Angel is very sarcastic and sassy and has no problem with being reckless at the expense of others. He's known to be a bit of a prankster, switching between playful and easily destructive as he pleases. His humor tends to be crude or crass, with an emphasis on dirty jokes. Angel's attitude can be considered blunt, yet with a sense of style, always carrying a flirtatious and confident persona everywhere he goes. He's also shown to be a bit narcissistic, as Angel believes most of the demons in Hell are ugly freaks and says his body is flawless.

However, that persona can be knocked when Angel is either dealing with his boss or when his looks are insulted. He avoids holding emotional relationships with others and tends to be a loose cannon with most of the other cast.

However, deep down, Angel actually does have a caring side for the people he cares about. During the turf war, he quickly pushed Cherri out of the way when an egg boi was about to shoot them both with a gun. Then when he noticed his teasing about the hotel’s lack of people was upsetting Charlie, he stopped laughing and tried to comfort her, but then he ultimately decided to leave her alone.


Natural Abilities

  • Demon Transformation: Like every other Demon, Angel possesses the ability to turn into his Full Demon form at his own will.


  • Bilingualism: Angel is fluent in both Italian and English.
  • Weapon Proficiency: Angel can handle weapons with ease, specifically firearms and explosives. His knowledge regarding weapons was taught to him by Cherri Bomb.
  • Sensitivity: Angel can sense incoming storms from a mile away.
  • Flexibility: Angel's body is proven to be quite flexible as he was able to remove the chains that were restraining him with ease.
  • Athleticism: Since Angel is based on the jumping spider, he is able to jump incredible heights.

Unique Abilities

  • Retractable Arms: Angel has a third set of arms that he keeps hidden and only uses them as his last resort.
  • Venomous Bite: Angel's bite can poison his victim, making them fall ill.


  • Firearms: Angel has a vast collection of firearms that he uses throughout his battles. He is first seen handling a Thompson gun in the pilot and can be seen handling six other guns in the prequel comic.



  • Angel is Italian. [3]
  • The one thing Angel doesn't like about this demon form is his feet. [4]
  • Angel, alongside Alastor, is the hardest to write for Vivziepop because she doesn't know all the details of the period of time where they come from and since they are based on some complex emotions she has had in her life.[5]
    • Angel and Alastor are also two of the first characters Vivzie has ever created and are two of her personal favorites.
    • Creating Angel Dust was an emotional rollercoaster ride for Viv as it helped her go through a toxic relationship.[5]
  • Despite being gay, Angel is willing to sleep with women in exchange for money. [6]
    • At the Momocon 2019 Hazbin Hotel panel, when asked by a fan if Angel will be getting a boyfriend, Vivziepop said he will at some point in the series, but gave zero indication as to who it may be.
  • His human name during production was originally “Martin”, but this was since then changed to “Anthony”.
    • The name Anthony may come from the word "antonia", which means "priceless/praiseworthy and or beautiful".
  • The majority of Angel's family are in Hell [7]and they all take the form of spiders with drug-based names.[8] When asked if Angel keeps in contact with any of them, Vivziepop replied she cannot say as it may be explored in the show.
  • Angel's family are spider demons because of their "web" of organized crime. [9]
  • Angel enjoys going to the aquarium. His favorite fish is said to be blobfish and angelfish.[10]
    • The second chorus of the Addict music video shows him and Cherri Bomb having fun in a club with an aquarium in the background that reaches the ceiling. Coincidentally, a blobfish can also be seen in one of the shots.
  • According to Vivziepop, when Angel died he got into sex work pretty early on and rejected his family's mob business initially. [11]
  • According to Vivizepop, Angel has a soft spot for children. However, he would be the "friendly irresponsible" type around them where he wouldn't act inappropriately around them but would still swear.[citation needed]
    • If he were to find a lost baby, he wouldn't hurt them, but he would take them to inappropriate places while finding their parents. [12]
  • According to Vivziepop, there's a reason why Angel is so brightly colored.[13]
  • When asked if there's a kill he's really proud of in the Ask Angel QnA livestream #1, Seth Atkinson said in Angel's voice to stay tuned for that because that's some fun stuff for later.
  • Angel and Molly are fraternal twins.[14]
  • According to Vivziepop, Blitzo and Angel Dust would be kicked out of a Medieval Times restaurant for various shenanigans.[15]
  • According to Ashley, if she were to describe Angel Dust with a My Chemical Romance song, it would be "Mama".[16]
  • Angel can play both the trumpet and accordion. [17]
  • Whenever Angel leaves the hotel, he gets Husk to babysit Fat Nuggets.[18]
  • According to Ashley, Angel's voice sounds like Yakko from Animaniacs, and has made his VA do some lines from it. 
  • He has acquired some form of depression and PTSD from having to deal with Valentino.[19]
  • In one of his Instagram posts, it is revealed that:
    • Fat Nuggets was originally given to him as a gift.
    • And that he has a candid picture of Husk in his room.
  • Angel is the only character who has the most outfit changes out of the entire cast.


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