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"It's probably a good idea to get some actual food in this place. Y'know, to feed all the wayward souls you got in here!"
―Angel, to Charlie.

Angel is Charlie's first patron within the Hotel. Charlie is implied to be able to see through his persona in the prequel comic as despite his attitude she could tell he was unhappy with his life. Though initially accepting of the conditions he must abide by to stay there, he instead says he has been simply 'playing nice' in order to earn a free room.

When asked what his unfiltered thoughts of Charlie are in a creator stream, Angel said that Charlie's happy attitude sometimes makes him happy. However, he can find her constant positive personality irritating as he believes Hell isn't a happy place to live in.

Despite Charlie's insistence that Angel's behavior hasn't ruined things, Angel himself notices how his taunting of the Hotel's lack of customers has upset her. For a brief moment, he reaches out to try and console her before thinking better of it, hinting that he feels some sort of sympathy for her goals.

As revealed in the end credits scene in the ADDICT music video, Angel has a bit of hope that the hotel won’t be as bad as the others make it out to be. Though, since he just became acquainted with Charlie, he does not fully trust her yet. This is shown when Charlie tries to approach him as he was reminiscing of his traumatic experiences with Valentino, only for him to play off his shock as irritation and flip her off.


"Just don't get your taco in a twist, baby."
―Angel, to Vaggie

Vaggie and Angel share a passive-aggressive "frenemy" relationship with each other. After the events of the pilot episode, they are on basic terms with one another.

The pilot reveals that Vaggie finds Angel's almost casual dismissal of his behavior infuriating, especially since it has upset Charlie in the process, but she respects him enough and explain things like Alastor's reputation to him when he asks. He can also be seen holding Vaggie back from attacking Alastor when the latter starts to sing.


"I can suck ya dick!"
―Angel, offering his services

Angel admits to Vaggie that he has never heard of Alastor before his arrival at the Hotel, despite the Radio Demon's far-reaching reputation, citing his lack of interest in 'politics'. Upon first being approached by Alastor and asked what talents he posesses, Angel swiftly offers up his 'services' as his solitary skill, breaking Alastor's composure before being swiftly and firmly turned down.


As of the pilot, Angel and Niffty have yet to interact. However, Niffty mistakes him for a woman, most likely because of his feminine like features.


"Only if you watch me."
―Angel, to Husk

Angel Dust displays an attraction to Husk immediately after he is summoned by Alastor to be the bartender and desk clerk at the Happy Hotel. Angel begins to flirt with and playfully proposition Husk, much to the latter's annoyance. After Sir Pentious's blimp is destroyed at the pilot's end, and the group begins heading back inside, Angel turns to blow Husk a kiss with a wink.

Although it seems, after their initial meeting, they are off to a bad start, Vivziepop has previously described Husk as Angel's "best friend" during later development streams for the pilot, suggesting that their relationship is planned to greatly improve.[1]



While Angel is confirmed to have a father, it is unknown what sort of relationship the two have outside of being blood-related.


Arackniss is Angel's older brother.[2] It is unknown what sort of relationship the two have outside of being blood-related, though Vivziepop has stated Angel likely teases him regarding his name and height.[3], and it is said that Arackniss hates his siblings, implying that the relationship between the two is severed.[4]


Molly is Angel's fraternal twin sister.[2][5] According to Vivziepop, Angel shares a positive relationship with her.[6]



Valentino is Angel's boss at Porn Studios. From the events of the prequel comic, Angel is shown to be rather intimidated being around him and is physically uncomfortable in his presence despite his loyalty to help the boss with jobs. Valentino is also quick to physically mishandle Angel if he doesn't behave. In the Addict music video, we see Val force himself on Angel confirming that the relationship was likely more abusive than previously thought.

The text message conversation with Valentino at the beginning of the pilot shows that Angel was initially attempting to get money for him, possibly explaining his motives for breaking his two weeks of good behavior before getting wrapped up in the turf war.

Cherri Bomb

"You know it, Sugar tits."
―Angel, to Cherri

Angel and Cherri Bomb are best friends and partners in crime. After having been apart for two weeks since Angel checked into the Hotel, Cherri recruits him to help her fight Sir Pentious, an offer he happily accepts to finally get some "action". Cherri seems to be one of the few people Angel trusts since he admits to her that he’s been missing and been "sort of" clean for two weeks due to staying at the Happy Hotel. When an Egg Boi was about to shoot them both with a gun, Angel quickly pushes Cherri out of the way and got caught instead showing how much he cares about her.

With the release of the ADDICT music video it appears that Cherri is one of the few people Angel is truly close to as she is seen comforting him as he cries in his room.

According to Vivziepop's first Youtube Q&A live stream with Angel Dust, Angel learned everything about handling weaponry, explosives and everything about his destructive behavior from her.[citation needed]

Sir Pentious

"Oh, harder daddy."
―Angel, to Sir Pentious

Angel doesn't take Sir Pentious seriously as a threat during the turf war and constantly mocks him with various sex jokes that the snake fails to understand. Sir Pentious also mistakes him for his son after misinterpreting Angel's intent behind calling him 'Daddy'.


"Let me know when you come up with something creative to call me, you pack of poorly packaged horse shit!"
―Angel's comeback to Travis' insult

Travis is a cab driver that Angel considers as "a rando from the street" that he considered offering his service to as to get a quick cash grab. After driving Angel to a nearby drug vending machine, Angel gets complimented for his service and gets called a slut, to which Angel insults him back.

In the ADDICT music video, it is shown that Travis survived the car crash that occurred in the pilot and seems to be one of Angel’s regular patrons. Angel don’t really care much for Travis since he kicked Travis in the face without looking.

Fat Nuggets

Fat Nuggets is Angel's pet pig who he loves very much. Fat Nuggets can be seen comforting Angel Dust when he was reminiscing about Valentino abusing him, which in return, brings a small smile to Angel’s face. Fat Nuggets is also one of the few people that are truly close to Angel.


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