Born into an Italian crime family in New York City,[1][2] Angel Dust's human self known as Anthony died in 1947 following an overdose of phencyclidine (PCP), hence his namesake down in Hell.[3] Upon entering Hell, he quickly became involved in sex work, and initially refused to participate in mob-related activities.[4] Since arriving in the underworld, his work for Valentino's studio allowed him to become the biggest adult film superstar in Hell, drowning out his world with narcotics and his twisted sense of humor.

Two weeks prior to the pilot, Angel was working on the street to make money for Valentino to make up for missing a film shoot. Here, he met Charlie and Vaggie, mistaking them for customers. The two offer to pay him if he listens to them which he agrees to and they tell him about the Happy Hotel. Charlie is able to see right through Angel's persona which unnerves him and he starts laughing. When Vaggie suggests they find someone else, Angel volunteers to become the hotel's first patron saying he is "3 months behind on rent" and doesn't wish to pay in other means. Charlie thanks him ecstatically and pays Angel a hefty sum for helping them, which confuses him greatly. The next day he enters the hotel and is given the rules, which include no drugs, pranks or other type of sinning.

After being clean and staying mostly out of trouble for two weeks, Angel is asked by Cherri Bomb to assist her in a turf war against Sir Pentious; he agrees and unknowingly threatens the Hotel's reputation before it has a chance to get off the ground. After getting told off severely by Vaggie on the drive back to the hotel, Angel arrived back at the hotel and bemoaned how there was almost nothing to eat, but quickly stopped when he saw Charlie sad to the point she almost burst into tears. Soon after, the radio demon known as Alastor arrived and offered his services to help get the hotel up and running; Angel caught him off-guard by offering to give him a blowjob, but the demon refused. When Vaggie insisted they remove the newly created bar in the lobby, Angel tackled her and hissed that it was staying; he then began flirting with the newly hired bartender Husk, who quickly told him to fuck himself. Angel said he'd only do it if Husk watches him, which disgusts the latter.


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