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Arackniss is Angel Dust and Molly's older brother.[1]


Arackniss is a Spider Demon. He is rather short,[1] with his height being described as only slightly taller than Niffty.[note 1]

In his old design, Arackniss is very thin and hunched over often with a stern demeanor, with his "skin" and hair black. He has short hair in the back of his head and has long, drooping black hair in the front. He has eight eyes, and his sclera is a pinkish/reddish color in with black pupils that are the shape of a thin line (which is notably a trait shared by venomous spiders). He normally has a frown on his face and does not smile easily.


Not much is known about Arackniss's personality, although Arackniss is stated to be hard on his siblings, especially his younger brother.[2]


Angel Dust

Angel is Arackniss's younger brother. According to Vivziepop, the two are complete opposites.[3] Arackniss has an aversion towards him, insinuating that the relationship between the two is severed.[2]


Molly is Arackniss's younger sister. It's unknown what their relationship is like outside of being blood-related, although it is implied to be negative.[2]


While Arackniss has a father, it's unknown what sort of relationship the two have outside of being blood-related.


Arackniss has an unknown mother. It's unknown what sort of relationship the two have outside of being blood-related.



  • Arackniss, along with Angel, was an original character created by Vivienne. When asked if Arackniss still exists in Hazbin Hotel, Vivienne confirmed he does, but he is planned to appear later in the series,[4] alongside the rest of Angel Dust's family members.
    • In the same stream, Viv stated that Arackniss was not his name before he died.
    • Arackniss has been previously noted to be violent towards Angel Dust, according to a sketch dump Vivziepop has done in the past, however, this is not canon as of 2019.
    • He, along with their father, first appeared in Vivziepop's Daddy Issues- Animatic - Vivziepop video.
  • It is possible that when Arackniss appears in the show, he would receive a redesign; when asked about Molly's status, Viv mentioned characters who have yet to appear in the show may be redesigned.[5]


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