Ashley Nichols is a cleanup artist for Hazbin Hotel and the host of HuniCast.


Ashley is a professional freelance artist and animator. She is a cleanup artist for Hazbin Hotel.


Honey Spice

Honey Spice

  • She is currently dating Michael Kovach, the voice of Angel Dust.
    • She has stated that all the men she has dated before have a higher pitch than her voice.
  • She has a YouTube Channel called Ashley Nichols Art where she posts animation and streams of cleanup work for Hazbin Hotel.
  • She ships Radio Dust (Alastor x Angel Dust) and also finds Royal Radio (more commonly known as Charlastor) adorable.
  • HuniBun


    Her persona is a purple rabbit named Hunibun.
    • She has a Hazbin Hotel OC named Honey Spice, which is just a Hazbinified version of her persona.
  • She's the creator of her own show called Hell Puppy.

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