Baxter is an inventor, scientist, and a character in Hazbin Hotel.


Baxter's skin is a grey-blue tone and he has fish fins to resemble ears that share the same colour. He has three cyan freckles dotted on each side of his face, located under his eyes. His hair is short and swept back, and both his hair and eyebrows are a dark shade of blue, having grey streaks and cyan dots running through it. He has pointed cyan teeth and his mouth curls at the ends when he grins wildly. He has cyan sclera, and pink/light red irises, and his eyelids are a dark blue shade like his hair. The frame of his goggles are also pink/light red and the lenses are pastel yellow. Baxter wears a grey laboratory suit, it has pastel yellow buttons. He wears a tiny grey hat with an esca (the light or lure a female anglerfish has) attached to it. The "light" is a yellow gradient, and there are two cyan stripes above the light. He wears dark grey gloves and boots.


Baxter's personality has not been finished, but Viv likens him to the character Myron Reducto from the show "Harvey Birdman." She also described him as screechy, neurotic, and an all-around "mess" wanting nothing to do with anyone and would rather be alone doing mad science. She also describes Baxter as "a little gremlin", and she also said he's anti-social.



  • Before the redesign, he was much taller. It was stated by Vivziepop in "HAZBIN HOTEL Animation Cleanup Pt. 6" that he is now the second-shortest character in the cast after Niffty.
  • Baxter is a male character, despite possessing the trademark features of a female anglerfish.
  • On the "Vivzie Streem #4" live stream, when asked if Baxter died on the Titanic, Vivziepop said that she doesn't really know anymore because that was old information about the original version of Baxter. She did confirm that Baxter did die on a boat, though it's no longer the Titanic, as she would rather not have any character’s deaths be tied to real-world events.
  • He doesn't like to be touched.
  • When asked if Baxter has a laboratory in the hotel, Vivziepop stated that no, he doesn't yet have one, but maybe in the future he will.
    • She did confirm that he does like laboratories.
  • He is the oldest out of Mimzy, Alastor, Angel Dust, Niffty, Husk, Crymini, and Vaggie to die since he died in the 1910's.
  • He was supposed to appear in Zoophobia's "Angels and Demons" arc.
  • His current role in the series is unknown.
  • His appearance and relation to science strongly resemble that of Eridan Ampora from Homestuck.
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