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Blitzo often degrades Moxxie as the butt of jokes among his employees. He hardly addresses Moxxie's concerns when they are not focused on his interests, mocks Moxxie's sex life, and has zero respect for Moxxie's privacy, going as far as to repeatedly stalk Moxxie as he slept. Ironically, Blitzo insists that he considers them all to be family, though this was when he was defending Loona in the situation.

While in the pilot, Moxxie was shown to be agitated by Blitzo's behavior and would mostly scream whenever talking to him, the relationship went vice versa In "Murder Family", when Blitzo got annoyed and angry at Moxxie for making him miss his shot at Martha. After Moxxie saved him and Millie from Martha's wrath, Blitzo did accept Moxxie's apology and hugged him, but not without warning Moxxie that if he ever pulled a stunt like that again Blitzo will fuck both him and Millie.

Despite his mistreatment, Blitzo does seem to care for him, as he easily forgives Moxxie's naivety and celebrates his killing of Martha with a party. He also allows him and Millie to have fun in Loo Loo Land, reassuring them that he can keep watch over Stolas on his own. Blitzo also shows that he can be protective of Moxxie, as he panicked and became furious when Verosika Mayday and her employees attempted to rape Moxxie after he tried to reason with her. He shows this side of him again when he got into a fight with Striker and the latter caused Blitzo to almost shoot Moxxie; this causes Blitzo to respond by biting Striker in the arm and punching him in the face several times in a rage. It has also been evidenced that while Blitzo loves to aggravate Moxxie, he does not wish to hurt him emotionally. This can be seen when he looks confused once Moxxie becomes disappointed after realizing his boss had offered Striker to come work with them, as he made him feel inferior.

Blitzo also has an obsession with Moxxie and his wife, as he keeps following them around outside work and even trespassed in their home to watch them sleep. This obsession seems to have a sexual side to it, as he made dolls resembling Moxxie and Millie, with whom he sexually fantasizes. This is also hinted by Blitzo's threat to Moxxie after Moxxie saved him from Martha.


Millie and Blitzo seem to have a positive relationship. Unlike her husband, Millie seems to agree with some of Blitzo's more "out there" ideas. However, Blitzo stalks both Millie and her husband and sexually fantasizes about them both. While Moxxie feels harassed, Millie, on the other hand, doesn't seem to care about his intrusions in their private lives and and laughs when she finds him in their fridge, not thinking it's a big deal.

However, despite having a positive relationship with each other it doesn’t mean Blitzo would give her special treatment as well. In Murder Family after Moxxie apologize to Blitzo for ruining his shot and getting both Blitzo and Millie almost killed, Blitzo threaten to hurt both Moxxie and Millie. In Loo Loo Land (episode), he made he made dolls resembling Moxxie and Millie, with whom he sexually fantasizes.

While staying at her family farm during the Harvest Moon Festival, Blitzo did referred Millie as a “gem of an assassin” to her parents. However, when Millie called Stolas her boss’s “boyfriend”, Blitzo admit he won’t hesitant to slap Millie in front of her parents showing he can also get a bit annoyed with her.


Prior to the events of the pilot, Blitzo adopts Loona and hires her to be the company receptionist. He seems to see her as a daughter figure and congratulates her for the tiniest of successes, much to Moxxie's dismay. Blitzo disproportionately coddles her, covering up for her negligence and making up excuses for her sloppy work and disrespectful behavior. Even though Blitzo treats her like family, Loona does not reciprocate the feeling and expresses high animosity toward his affection, although Blitzo is oblivious to this. However, she does crack a small smile when he defends her and smiles once more as Blitzo brings them all in for a group hug.

In the episode "Spring Broken" Loona almost slips up and calls Blitzo dad making him quite happy, before she calls him by his name. He also becomes incredibly scared when at one point he loses sight of Loona shouting "Where's my baby?!". We see how he is as protective of her as any father as he shows great hostility to Vortex whenever Loona tries to talk to him. Despite the affection he frequently displays for his daughter, Blitzo will at times be disappointed when she doesn't do her job. As in "The Harvest Moon Festival", he actually gets irritated when she doesn't come to save him and Moxxie from Striker after he whistles for her.


His father

It is stated that Blitzo and his dad do not get along since his dad does not approve of his dreams of getting into musical theatre.


Tilla is one of Blitzo's sisters. Aside from the fact that the two have worked together in the circus alongside their sister Barbie Wire as shown in one of the posters in Blitzo's office, it is unknown what relationship they have outside of being blood related as they have yet to interact in the show.

Barbie Wire

Barbie is one of Blitzo's sisters. Aside from the fact that the two have worked together in the circus alongside their sister Tilla, it is unknown what relationship they have outside of being blood related as they have yet to interact in the show. However, Blitzo did seem offended when Verosika Mayday stated she "says hi" while in rehab as an insult.



Blitzo had a one-night stand with Stolas in order to borrow his grimoire for opening portals to Earth. Ever since then, Stolas has been sexually attracted to him, but the feeling is not mutual; Blitzo avoids him as much as possible, to no avail, as Stolas calls him rather often to order assassinations or simply to grab his attention. Once, while informing him about a potential target, Stolas begins to talk extremely dirty to Blitzo, causing the latter to destroy his cell phone and feed it to Loona. Despite his reluctance to treat with Stolas, he feels obliged to gratify his sexual desires, as his hitmen company stands solely on the fact they can use Stolas' grimoire to access the living world. In "Murder Family" he agrees to join Stolas for a monthly sexual encounter in order to keep the book but leaves the phone behind while Stolas continues to talk dirty. In "Loo Loo Land" he ends up smashing his phone by accident after talking with Stolas, likely being a reference to the pilot. It is also implied Stolas might have personally gone to his office several times, as one of the emergency buttons Blitzo has under his desk bears his name.

In The Harvest Moon Festival (episode) it shows that despite being annoyed at his lust for him, Blitzo semi cares about Stolas. In the beginning of the episode, Blitz admits that he doesn’t really fuss on having sex with Stolas. When he met Striker and heard how Blitz managed to get the book from Stolas, Blitz struggles to explain that he had to sleep with Stolas in order to do it and his feelings toward him. When he found out that Striker was going to kill Stolas, Blitz spared no time to fight Striker. However, Blitzo claimed that he was only saving Stolas because he would lose access to Stolas' book if he was killed.


Though Blitzo and Octavia didn't have much screen time, when they did, they seemed to mesh with each other well. While not allies in the strictest sense, they both do not approve of Stolas' dirty talk and have a mutual hatred of Robo Fizz. Though they do have their similarities, they have down sides as well, such as how Octavia thought Blitzo was going to leave with her father. Though Stolas did reassure Via, so she may not think this anymore, however she may still see Blitzo in a bad light, hence him being the main denominator on ruining her family.


After being insulted by Eddie, he was happy to find out that Eddie was the right target all along and immediately kills him in one shot as he and his employees proceed to dismember his carcass and return his deceased self to his mother back on Earth.

Robo Fizz

While working at Loo Loo Land as a clown, Blitzo apparently had a rivalry with Fizzarolli's robot doppelganger. Robo Fizz comments how the kids would run away from him and how the crowd would be silent when he would tell jokes. Blitzo attempts to shoot at the robot for his mockery, only for them to end up battling and wrecking if not destroying Loo Loo Land in the process. It is unclear to what extent this relationship has with the real Fizzarolli, but Blitzo's comments suggest he does not fancy the clown demon any more than Robo Fizz.

Verosika Mayday

Verosika Mayday is Blitzo's ex-girlfriend. The only things he feels towards their previous relationship are anger and regret, even stating that their entire relationship was a waste of time. The amount of time that has passed since their breakup is unknown but to two of them remain bitter about it to this day. The two of them constantly argue and hurl insults at each other whenever they're on screen together and they both only talk negatively about each other, with Blitzo throwing around insulting remarks about Verosika's promiscuity, alcoholism and tastes and Verosika insulting Blitzo's family, business and competence. The thing Blitzo is most quick to call Verosika is a whore and this may be because she is a succubus. Whether either or neither are true, Blitzo has a lot of hatred for this former flame, and the feeling is mutual. Despite their animosity, the two did share a quick laugh over a Human Resources joke.


Blitzo greatly hates cherubs, to the point of shooting a TV playing their commercial. When three of their members arrived to prevent Lyle Lipton from committing suicide, Blitzo led the charge in trying to convince him that life isn't worth living. Eventually, when the cherubs finally confronted I.M.P. over interfering with their duties, Blitzo asserted that he and his crew also had a job to do, culminating in an all-out fight between the two factions.

Wally Wackford

Blitzo immensely dislikes Wally Wackford, using a TV playing his commercial for target practice. Later, when Wackford arrived to hire Loopty and the newly deceased Lyle Lipton, Blitzo promptly ordered him to leave for destroying his ceiling and cracking a pun about his business.


Blitzo first met Striker at Millie's family ranch on the day of the annual Blood Moon Festival. The two initially had a mutual admiration for each other, as Striker was impressed that Blitzo was one of the few imps to start his own business and Blitzo in turn found him to be a manly man. There were also a few times where Blitzo showed hints of having a slight crush on Striker. After they both won the Pain Games due to their equal strength and skill, Blitzo decided to hire him to come work for I.M.P., much to Moxxie's displeasure. This ended when Blitzo discovered that Striker was planning to kill his main benefactor, Stolas, without his permission. Striker tried to convince Blitzo to join him in killing Stolas and the other Overlords of Hell by manipulating Blitzo’s insecurity of being a degraded demon in Hell’s hierarchy, and Blitzo appeared to agree, but this was merely a ruse for Moxxie to get the drop on him. They fought to a draw, but Loona's untimely intervention helped Striker escape, much to Blitzo’s worry, showing that he found Striker to be a serious threat.


Although the two did not have much screen time together, whenever they did, Blitzo was seen admiring him throughout The Harvest Moon Festival.

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