• PreferstoremainAnonymous

    Important: I will keep updating this. I have already added 2 accounts. Format:

    Acount name - Character - Activity

    Hazbin Hotel Main Characters:

    @hotel_magnement - Charlie and Vaggie - Low Activity

    @angie_fluffy_bootz - Angel Dust - Moderate to High Activity

    @bar_cat75 - Husk - Low Activity

    @babyfeatherdustr - Niffty - Low Activity

    Hazbin Hotel Other:

    @bombingbichbabe - Cherri Bomb - Moderate to Low Activity

    @hiss_lord - Sir Pentious - Low Activity

    @voxtagram_8k - Vox - Moderate Activity

    @moth_pimp - Valentino - Moderate Activity

    @radvelvetcakes - Velvet - Moderate Activity

    Helluva Boss:

    @blitzorodeo - Blitzo - High Activity

    @simply_moxxie - Moxxie - Moderate Activity

    @beautymarkbabe666 - Millie - Low Activity

    @moonlight_howling_666 - Loona - High Activity


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  • Yarata


    July 31, 2020 by Yarata

    but it private

    I requested a follow but I havent have a responce yet!

    also here her isntagram name----> @gothchk2003

    here her profile picture

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  • Otherside86

    Is the appearances of all the demons in Hell is a manifestation of the sins they've committed when they were alive? Now lustful sinners like Angel and Valentino have four arms, or like Loona and Husk are like animals for giving-in to their animal aggression.

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  • Allcraz

    First Post

    July 28, 2020 by Allcraz

    This place is only the second wiki I'm following. I know a lot more wikis but I don't know which one to contribute to.

    I've enjoyed this show since the 3rd or 4th day it came out. Lovely characters, an interesting setting, and a potentially brilliant premise. I have high hopes for this show and I'm just wriggling with anticipation for the next entry. I can tell Viv and the team have a lot of passion for this, so I know they won't screw it up like Charlie eventually will (one of the ways I see it going). Let them take their time with this series, Adventure Time did it, Rick and Morty did it, it'll be okay if the wait is long; that's how you know it'll be good. I'm not worried if their gonna change a bit of the lore of the show and a bit of t…

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  • Nightmarionne666

    Who are they

    July 27, 2020 by Nightmarionne666

    So in this image with the Shadows who are the two tall ones with no arms

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  • Niikkikikizelonss


    July 25, 2020 by Niikkikikizelonss


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  • Facefun


    July 20, 2020 by Facefun
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  • Yarata


    July 13, 2020 by Yarata

    small hiatus heh???

    also vox has a pet shark???lol??

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  • Yarata


    July 10, 2020 by Yarata

    Im taking an hiatus!!


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  • Yarata

    All Insta Acc

    July 6, 2020 by Yarata

    @blitzorodeo  ------> Blitzo

    @daddy_hoothoot  ------> Stolas

    @moonlight_howling_666  ------> Loona

    @beautymarkbabe666  ------> Millie

    @simply_moxxie  ------> Moxxie

    @angie_fluffy_bootz  ------> Angel Dust

    @radvelvetcakes  ------> Velvet

    @voxtagram_8k  ------> Vox

    @moth_pimp  ------> Valentino

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