• NomNomNoodles

    Tiny Message

    June 13, 2020 by NomNomNoodles

    I just wanted to say that I will be writing a mini fanfiction story about Hazbin Hotel and HELLUVA Boss cross over. Now my fanfic isn't can canon and hasn't happened in the shows. It's just what I think might happen if the two groups met each other

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  • Edunk5

    Possible episode idea

    March 29, 2020 by Edunk5

    Through same strange occurance, Charlie gets transported into a live-action real world where she comes across a troubled teen who is likely to end up in Hell if he chooses to take the wrong path. As such Charlie attempts to help him steer through the right path becoming his mentor. Meanwhile the other main characters fool about in the hotel given that they're are no guests as of late and without the head herself in control. Ideal to break from formula where each episode would obviously revolve around Charlie and the crew helping to rehabilitate a particular guest. I got the idea from an old Canadian TV series called Mentors where the entire first season is available on the Encore+ channel on YouTube. 

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  • TMoalrecod

    Breaking Secondary is Hazbin Helluva (Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss crossover) episode

    When Cherri Bomb and Sir pentious were fighting they enden up meeting Stolas who he finds out that their fighting ended them making a gel for thei hair. So all Cherri Bomb, Sir pentious, and Stolas decide to work together to sell the hair gel. But unfortantuly decideing selling one gel to a hair gel industries isn't a good idea even when it's run by Velvet.

    • This episode is based on a episode from The Boondocks call Breaking Grandad.
      • which both episode titles are a parody of the American crime drama television series, Breaking Bad.
    • This the first episode where Velvet is the main bad guy.
      • While both Vox and Valentino served as the secondary antagonists.
    • This is …

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  • Edunk5

    This is something I made for fun. You'll really love it.

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  • Stvrblade


    March 9, 2020 by Stvrblade

    AAAA I'm so sad I did the majority of my edits before badges were added because I'd have almost all of them now I think if they'd been around earlier.

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  • Itheslayer

    Why hello there

    February 25, 2020 by Itheslayer

    Why hello there. my name is Sam but i preffer being called Racc. i am a furry that watched the animation "Die young" by Vivziepop and fell in love with her work. when Hazbin Hotel cam out. i loved it. same thing with Helluva Boss. I even created my own Hazbin/Helluva Persona based on me and things i like which you can find on my account. i don't have anything else to write so have a splendid say.

    If you found this, Angel Dust is the cutest/Hotest character ever.

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  • TMoalrecod

    This is my theory of The Exterminators being half Angel Half Demon. Well you see along time before The exterminators were born hell was big enough then later on through many years hell is now being overpoluated and satan convince god to help his problem by have the demons from hell and the angels from heaven to have sex with each other and 8 months later both satan and god use their powers to turn the hybrids dark and turn them older and that's how the exterminators came to this day.

    My reasons why it's half Angel half Demon is because they have horns of a demon and wings of a angel and the Halo of the angel.

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  • TMoalrecod

    This is a fan made of what if Loona is Blitzo biological daughter

    Well you see before the events of Helluva boss Blitzo fell in love with Loona's mom and she got pregnant with their child and after the birth of Loona, Blitzo make sure That Loona is his daughter 5 times and finally find out that is 90% Hellhound (from her mom) and 10% Imp (from him). Later on Blitzo and Loona's mom got a divorce when Loona was 4 or 5 years old and Blitzo kept full custody of Loona. Blitzo states that she is just lucky that they got a divorce before he slept with Stolas and even though Loona's mom is still alive she is dead to Blitzo. Loona's mom is a unseen character in Helluva boss. 

    A alternate scene of Blitzo giving Loona a gift.

    "Is it a cure for Syphilis.…

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  • SamoanaGirl101

    An OC Ideas!

    February 7, 2020 by SamoanaGirl101

    Ok. I already have an idea of my OC for the Hazbin Hotel but I don't know if they allowed that for anyone's OCs to be in here. Which I could understand that but I'm only doing this just for fun to share some ideas and hoping that you guys will give me some tips or an advice of the characters that I'm going to make.

    So, am I allowed to make an OC over here or it's not meant for it? I would like to have some help and know the rules for this wiki. I don't want to messed it up. So please, can anyone help me of what to do in here before I would do ANYTHING stupid? Thank you! You can message me on my wall!

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  • DanganronpaRein


    February 1, 2020 by DanganronpaRein

    Welp, I guess I have a blog here in hell! Well, I like all things, and I think everything is valid! My favorite character is Nifty and I ship Alastor x Charlie! I hope you enjoy my time here! I think I was sent here for my love of fan fiction and writing them!

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