• Twistedflower

    -I n h a l e-

    I will do a thing with this. Uh... not sure what yet! Hm. Anyways, uh... yeah, who likes roleplays? .. i'm just gunna go now...

    (aha, I got a badge-)

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  • XLunarChaosx

    Hello my name is Luna it's great to be meeting you

    Thought I would introduce myself before I nervously start participating in Theories and such I just recently got into Hazbin Hotel also Helluva Boss they seem like they are kicking off quickly and I'm happy for that.

    Two of my favourite characters are Charlie and Alastor but Helluva Boss Its Moxxie and Blitzo but I look forward to making atleast some friends here 


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  • Emmie103

    I was looking through the fandom, and was looking at Niffty and realized she looked like Cherri Bomb a little bit in my opinion she does... So that could mean Cherri and Niffy are related but haven' t found each other yet...

    Yeah it's short but I felt like I needed to put this somewhere...

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  • TMoalrecod

    Here are my reasons why Damian and Lucifer (from son of 666) and satina and her parents should be in both shows is that...

    1. The Son of 666 was also made by VivziePop (who are also the creators of both Hazbin Hotel and Helluva)
    2. There were arts on google images about Satina meets Hazbin Hotel and i think it will make great crossovers along with Son of 666.
    3. Damian and Satina will be best friends and there will be a theory where fans think they both have feelings for each other.
    4. Both kids will be friends with the main charcters from both Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss and the two of them are frenemy's with Ghost Rider (not marvel) who he seem them more as friends then enemys and their his favorites
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  • LvytheLeafewing

    Helloooo Hell!

    December 14, 2019 by LvytheLeafewing

    It's great to be back! New body new name, new me!

    < My name this time is Angela Powder

    < I'm an only child (Other's died long before me, probably in Heaven)

    < I am very simmilar, in looks, to Angel Dust, we could be confused as siblings.

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  • Facefun

    hazbin hotel be like:

    December 12, 2019 by Facefun
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  • TMoalrecod

    I know that Hazbin Hotel already have a gay hater who is Katie Killjoy but I already think the main antagonist should be Ghost Rider (Real name: johnny rider) but a different one it will be the same design as his marvel counterpart except without his powers and his entire family and other relatives will be base on other Ghost Riders from marvel as well but like Ghost Rider they don't have powers and their first name will be based on other Ghost Riders real names and their last name will be rider. Ghost Rider will be based on Uncle Ruckus from the boondocks and his human counterpart will be the same design as nicolas cage (Born Janury 4, 1909 died at age 55 Janury 7, 1964) and he is the main protagonist (it is fan made in my mind but they s…

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  • TheOracleOfDelphi777

    Is roleplay allowed on here? And if so, where do you go to roleplay? I searched but I couldn't find anything.

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  • Yawney

    I have one question

    December 4, 2019 by Yawney

    How are there buildings, guns, drugs and other stuff like that in hell? Who made all those machines? I know people in hell don't care about each other and that gets me questioning how there are cities, businesses, and things that were well made? Was there a specific type of creature that only builds and makes stuff caused they were forced to? I'm just comparing this with the reality of what we know about Hell. Tbh it doesn't make sense on how there are carefully made things yet people there are chaotic, evil, and rowdy.

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  • The Tanist

    Seeing as hell has a town/city dedicated to cannibal Canadians, I was wondering if Hell would not have a /town/city dedicated to the British as well, considering we are almost universally used as villains (hard to blame people, the accent is amazing).

    I would also think that France would have its own thing as well because the French are a people who would most certainly go to hell, if only because they are French.

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