Brandon Rogers is a popular Youtuber who posts satirical, and often offensive, sketches featuring various outlandish characters played by him. He is the English voice actor of Blitzo and a co-writer in Helluva Boss.


Brandon was born in Hayward, California but has since moved to L.A.

In 2006, after graduating from Livermore High School, he sought auditions for theatre and films but was unsuccesful. Because of this he started a Youtube channel which was originally called "hotbananastud".

On his channel he posted numerous comedic sketches where he played over-the-top and stereotypical characters. He'd dress up as them and go out in public, resulting in shenanigans that got him kicked out of and maybe banned from various establishments. Some of his popular characters include Grandpa, Mr. Rimmer, the dysfunctional mother of 3, Jürgen Klausvonschwitz the blind fashion designer, and many more of similar traits. They all live in the same universe and often reference each other in different videos.

In 2015, he accidentally started the "Try me, b****" meme which was taken from a clip from Grandpa Hates Valentine and posted on Vine. He was, however, uncredited for this.

In 2018 he came out as gay in the Drinkin' Bros Podcast.


  • Rogers is also known for his Mad Tea Party video on his channel. Coincidentally, a fan of Hazbin made an animatic with selective bits from said audio and Vivienne herself commented on it; which may have been an influence for Rogers' involvement in the project, as well as the fact that both of them are friends.[1]
    • Coincidentally, initial tests for storyboard work on the pilot involved developing boards using excerpts from Rogers' work amongs other material.
  • Rogers is the only Helluva Boss actor to not have a scratch track actor as he records his scratch tracks in his home studio.


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