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Charlie (short for Charlotte) Magne is the princess of Hell, the creator of the Happy Hotel and the protagonist of Hazbin Hotel. She, despite what most of Hell thinks, believes that redemption is possible for all demons and dreams of a better kingdom. Her patients' antics however, (notably Angel Dust), jeopardize the hotel's success.


Charlie is a tall, slim demon with long, blonde hair and red cheeks. Her eyes are black and her sclera is light yellow. She usually wears a black bow tie, a white shirt underneath a red tuxedo, and long black suspenders. In other times, she wears either a black tuxedo or wears just the white shirt.

When in 'full demon-form' (shown during the pilot's trailer), dark-reddish horns protrude from her head and her eyes' sclera turn bright red.

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She cares about her friends and her people. She's naive and theatrical, while also bursting with passion. Charlie does everything in her power to make everyone happy and is determined to make her kingdom into a better place. However, she can be stubborn whenever something doesn't go her way.


She was born in Hell.



Vaggie and Charlie share an intimate relationship with each other.

Angel Dust

Angel Dust is Charlie's first patient. They eventually become friends as the pilot progresses.

Razzle and Dazzle

Razzle and Dazzle are Charlie's butlers/helpers and were gifted to her by Lucifer, her father.


Alastor assists Charlie with her endeavours; it's currently unclear what their relationship is.


Lucifer is Charlie's father. It is currently unknown what sort of relationship the two have outside of being blood related.


Lilith is Charlie's mother. It is currently unknown what sort of relationship the two have outside of being blood related.



  • She was supposed to appear in Zoophobia's "Angels and Demons" arc.
  • Charlie is bisexual.[1]
  • Her last name is Magne according to a "Family portrait" of her and her parents titled: "Magne Family 1871", seen in "Let's Misbehave".
  • The name Charlie Magne seems to be a pun on Charlemagne (the first emperor of Europe) although there is little reasoning behind it.