"So what if I misbehave? It's what everybody craves."
―Cherri, in the official "ADDICT" music video

Cherri Bomb is a radical anarchist and a supporting character in Hazbin Hotel. She is Angel Dust's best friend, tutor of crime, and partner in crime.


Cherri is a one-eyed demon. She has blonde hair, with pink and white accents, a ponytail, and wears a large amount of mascara. Her eye has a bloodshot pink sclera and a pale yellow X-shaped pupil.

Her skin is mostly white with pink freckles on her face and right shoulder. She also has a tattoo along her right arm that changes with different artists' interpretations.

Cherri wears a grey, fingerless satin glove on her left arm and appears to have a tattoo sleeve on her right arm. She also wears a red off-shoulder crop top, a black bra, a reddish, torn-up miniskirt with two buttons on the front and black, ripped leggings underneath.

She appears to be wearing a red and white boot on her left foot, while on the right, a white and red sock, suggesting that she lost her other boot (which is different from how Vivienne officially draws her).


Cherri is shown to be daring, bold, and determined. She is self-confident and constantly smiles broadly, taking pleasure in committing crimes. Also in the Addict music video it is shown that she is a loyal, caring, and loving friend to Angel.


Natural Abilities

  • Demon Transformation: Like every other Demon, Cherri possesses the ability to transform into her Full Demon form and back to her default form with ease.


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Cherri is shown to excel at hand-to-hand combat as shown during her brawl with Sir Pentious, as she was able to beat him singlehandedly with little to no effort.
  • Weapon Proficiency: Cherri is an expert at handling weaponry, specifically explosives as she can maneuver them around and use them to her advantage easily.
  • Athleticism: Cherri can get around easily during combat without exhausting herself.
  • Agility: Cherri can dodge most of her opponent's attacks and can make a comeback right afterwards.
  • Strength: Cherri is able to defeat Sir Pentious and his army of Egg Bois by herself even though she was outnumbered.


  • Explosives: Cherri always has various explosives with her at all times, ranging from her signature cherry bombs to a rocket launcher. She seems to have an unlimited stock and is always prepared to use them for her battles.



  • Cherri Bomb is Australian.[3] The only reason why she doesn't sound like one is because she doesn't use the accent, though it can occasionally slip out.
  • Originally, she was Angel Dust's daughter, her true name was Isabella, and she was an angel. All of these have since been scrapped ideas.
  • According to Krystal, if she were to describe Cherri with a song from My Chemical Romance, it'll be "Na Na Na".[4]


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