Cherubs are a species of angel from Heaven with the body of a sheep or lamb, or infants. In Helluva Boss, they bring people to life and shower them with love.[1]

Known Cherubs


  • Helluva Boss's version of Cherubs draws more from the pop-culture version of the Angel, with some animal themes mixed in.
  • In Abrahamic religion, Cherubs are one the many attendants of God with varying roles and rankings in the angelic hierarchy. Contrary to their depiction in popular media, the Book of Ezekiel depicts the forms of Cherubs as rather terrifying, but awe-inspiring: they have four wings and four faces (one human face, one bull face on the left, one lion face on the right, and one eagle face), with straight feet that are flat like the soles of a calf, and the appearance of burning coals of fire while shining like the glow of burnished copper; with movements like brief flashes of lightning and the sound of their wings been like the sounds of rushing water, while been surrounded with lightning and torches of fire passing between them.
    • They are the most frequently-mentioned type of Angel in the Bible (the only other ranks mentioned being the Seraphim [lit; "Burning Ones"] and the Archangel, Michael), and are of quite high rank, being entrusted with all sorts of important duties, such as guarding the entrance to the Garden of Eden in Genesis 3: 23, 24.
    • The popular depiction of Cherubs as infants was born from Western Renaissance Art using Putti from Greek mythology in paintings that depicted Angels.


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