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Crymini is an upcoming character in Hazbin Hotel.


Crymini is a petite anthropomorphic demon that resembles an aardwolf or hyena, with spotted fur and a striped mane. Her fur is white with red spots. Her right leg, nose, ears and left forearm are dark brown. The inner parts of her ears are bright red. She has fluffy cheeks and freckles under the eyes. Her sclera is light orange and iris is hot pink. She has thick, messy hair and a bushy tail. Her hair is white; the lower parts and ends are striped bright red. The same palette is mirrored in her tail. She wears a large black collar with spikes, a bright red tunic with a printed skull, and a brown unbuttoned sweatshirt with torn sleeves.


Crymini's personality is still in development, with Vivziepop stating that she needs to figure out how Crymini will eventually fit into the narrative. Crymini is described as a delinquent and rebellious punk kid.[1][2]



  • Crymini is described as the young one of the hotel, as the other characters are all much older than her.[3]
    • However her chronological age would make her older than Vaggie if her death in the 1990s hasn't changed.
  • Vivziepop has stated that she probably has more porn than Angel Dust, though she doesn't know exactly why and that she just does.[1]
  • Crymini features briefly in the pilot, standing next to Alastor as he watches Charlie's disasterous news segment on the public televisions.
  • Crymini was originally a planned character for Vivziepop's webcomic Zoophobia, and was supposed to appear in the comic's "Angels and Demons" arc.
    • In the previous version of her design, the collar she was wearing had the word "sin" on it.