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Crymini is a one of the characters in "Hazbin Hotel"


Crymini looks like a teenage dog. She could be based on Dalmatian, because of her spotted fur. Overall, her fur is white with countless brown spots. Her right leg, nose, ears and left forearm is brown too. The inner parts of her ears are hot pink. She has fluffy cheeks and lots of freckles under the eyes. Her sclera is light orange and iris is hot pink. She has very thick hair and an also very thick tail. Her hair is blonde, where the lower part is dyed hot pink. The same palette is in the tail, but the upper part is dyed. She wears a black collar with spikes, a hot pink tunic with printed skull and a dark pink unbuttoned sweatshirt with torn sleeves.



  • She was redesigned due to the strong resemblance to JayJay, a character from Zoophobia.
  • In her previous version on her collar was the word "sin".
  • From a stream, Vivzie announced that they were going to be the delinquent "Child/Teen" of the group.
  • She is 19 years old.
  • Vivzie describes her as a "young delinquent".