Eddie, also known as Bratty Kid, is a human child that Moxxie accidentally shot while on an assignment in the living world. He is a minor character who made his debut in the pilot.


Eddie is a child, roughly 7-10 years old, who has a strong lisp when he speaks. He is short and a bit chubby with shaggy light brown hair and freckles. He wears a blue baseball cap, an orange shirt with an image of a planet, saturn on it, black pants, and black shoes.


Not much was initially known about Eddie's personality, but after listening to the I.M.P employees talk about their current woes, he comes out of his faux paralysis and goes off on them. Using foul language not generally used by a child, he tears apart Millie, Moxxie, and Blitzo before turning to Loona and claiming he has nothing to say to her because he's "a cat person."


Eddie first appeared in the park with his mother. Unbeknownst to him, the I.M.P were planning an assassination at the same time, with his mother seemingly the target. Eddie got in the way of Moxxie's aim, and was shot as a result. Shocked at having shot the apparently wrong human, the imps rushed Eddie to the emergency room where he was stabilized via defibrillation. However, since the imps did not have insurance, they fled with Eddie (who was still connected to the monitors) back to Hell. Throughout his stay, Eddie pretends to be paralyzed to keep the imps from killing him. After an unspecified period of time, Eddie, tired of enduring the quarrels amongst I.M.P's employees, finally drops the ruse and proceeds to verbally ravage the demons.

After verbally ripping apart the I.M.P employees, Loona receives a text from their client saying that Eddie is actually their target. With that, Blitzo lifts a Flintlock Pistol and shoots Eddie through the chest. The imps proceeded to dismember his body, bag it up, and drop it in the hands of his mother while on live television.


  • Despite Eddie's name being spoken in the pilot, he is only credited as Bratty Kid.
  • Eddie makes a cameo in the Vivziepop 2019 short Holidaze as the bunny trick-or-treater who kicks Jangle.
  • It is currently unknown who wanted to assassinate Eddie and why. Additionally, the presumed target appeared to be Eddie's mother, making it further unknown of the client's intentions.
  • He shares the same voice actor as Moxxie.



  1. The year Helluva Boss premiered.

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