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Edward Bosco is an American voice actor. He provides the English voice for Alastor in Hazbin Hotel and Joe in Helluva Boss.




  • He is a big Chicago Bulls fan.
  • He dislikes Canada.
  • Ashley made an OC for him named Edward Ballsco, which is basically him but with a basketball head.
  • Similar to Alastor, he makes dad jokes.
  • As opposed to Alastor, he ironically despises pineapple on pizza.
  • Though many of his roles have been minor, unnamed, or uncredited, Edward Bosco has been in online voice-over for 10 years.
  • He is also known for his work on Gods Eater Burst (2010) and Death Kappa (2010).
  • He and Mick can do great impressions of Sir Pentious.[1]
  • Even though Alastor has a separate voice actor to fill in for his singing voice, Ed can actually sing remarkably as well.
  • Despite being a skilled rapper, Ed rarely gets rapping requests aside from one where he performs one in both as Alastor and the character Skeight from Christopher Niosi's Terrain of Magical Expertise.[2] Co-star Michael Kovach would later voice Skeight in the RPG game adaption of the series. According to Niosi, his frequent collabs with Ed was an influence on his decision to cast him.[3] Many Hazbin alumni (Elsie Lovelock, Faye Mata, Mick Lauer) also contribute voices for characters in the game as well.

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