Edward Bosco is an American voice actor. He provides the English voice for Alastor in Hazbin Hotel and Joe in Helluva Boss.




  • He is a big Chicago Bulls fan.
  • He dislikes Canada.
  • Ashley made an OC for him named Edward Ballsco, which is basically him but with a basketball head.
  • Similar to Alastor, he makes dad jokes.
  • As opposed to Alastor, he ironically despises pineapple on pizza.
  • Though many of his roles have been minor, unnamed, or uncredited, Edward Bosco has been in online voice-over for 10 years.
  • He is also known for his work on Gods Eater Burst (2010) and Death Kappa (2010).
  • He and Mick can do great impressions of Sir Pentious.[1]
  • Even though Alastor has a separate voice actor to fill in for his singing voice, Ed can actually sing remarkably as well.
  • Despite being a skilled rapper, Ed rarely gets rapping requests aside from one where he performs one in both as Alastor and the character Skeight from Christopher Niosi's Terrain of Magical Expertise.[2]
  • He is currently in a poly relationship with a streamer named theCitricKing and recently had just started dating TrashKingARisen, another fellow streamer.

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