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The Exorcists[1] are Angels that are sent from Heaven to kill a portion of Hell's population due to its overpopulation. They are the overarching antagonists in Hazbin Hotel.


Exorcists appear to have a fairly uniform appearance each being black, white and grey humanoids with the only color being on their faces. They possess two large goat-like horns on their head above which sits a halo with a central gem and three smaller crystals on both sides. Along with two large wings on their backs allowing them flight. Their face is covered with an LED screen mask capable of various expressions.

Exorcists appear to be mostly armed with spears similar in design to those of a harpoon. Illustrations of the Exorcists in the pilot also depict them with swords and possibly arrows but this has yet to be shown outside the illustration. According to Vivziepop, they possess a variety of weapons such as guns, knives, swords, etc. Their special abilities enable them to possess any kind of weapon.[2]


While little is known of the Exorcists, they appear cold and murderous. They are often depicted with a large grin, although their masks are capable of other expressions, as seen in the official trailer.[3]

During an Extermination, they appear to mostly target those who are outside and it is unclear if they do enter some buildings. They do not seem to care much about their weapons and will often leave them in their victims, which are then gathered up by Hell's denizens.



  • According to Vivziepop, only the Exorcists can really and truly kill the citizens of Hell using their special tools.[4]
  • When asked why there is a reason that Exorcists and presumably other Angels are robotic, Vivziepop said that she can't say much, but she did confirm that they're not exactly robots. However, they do wear LED screen masks on their faces.[5]