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Fat Nuggets is Angel Dust's pet pig. He has yet to make an appearance in the show, but he does appear in the music video, ADDICT.


Fat Nuggets is a small pink pig with various darker pink and black spots on his body, which they have been shown to be able to glow.

He has large black eyes that have been shown to glow as well. He has both pink and black spikes along his body and he boasts a mouthful of pointy sharp teeth and a curly tail with a quadrilateral barb at the end of it.

Fat Nuggets also has little dark pink hooves. There are also some times Angel would put a collar with a red or black bow on him.


While he has not appeared in the show, the ending of the music video Addict shows that he clearly cares for and loves his owner Angel.



  • So far, Fat Nuggets is the only pet to appear on the show, making his debut in the epilogue of the ADDICT music video.
    • Additionally, an early reel design of him taken from the prequel comics can be seen on a poster in Angel’s room later on in the end credits scene.
  • In earlier versions and art, he was known as Wiggles.[1]
  • Vivziepop has stated that she is trying to figure out how to bring Fat Nuggets organically into the show, but does not know when or where exactly at the moment.[2]