Fizzarolli is a recurring character in Helluva Boss.[1] He is an entertainer and performer who works under the demon Mammon.


Fizzarolli has the appearance of a jester who wears a jester cap and bell, a yellow ruffle and a black collar with bells below, two yellow eyes, a happy face on one shoulder and a sad face on the other. His outfit has red and dark teal stripes with a yellow trim at the bottom along with glowing white hearts. On posters and ads, it is shown that he has a forked tongue striped teal and black.


Fizzarolli has yet to be shown in person, though it is hinted that Robo Fizz's entertainer demeanor borrows elements of the original's personality aside from physical appearance.

Judging by Blitzo's comments and his overwhelming presence on Mammon-sanctioned products, Fizzarolli apparently has no problem having his image exploited by corporate marketing, if it increases his popularity.



  • Robo Fizz, and in extension, Fizzarolli, himself, were revealed during the BLM Charity Stream.[1]
    • According to Vivziepop, the voice actor for the character is a Broadway actor and his work influenced the design.[2] This was revealed to be Alex Brightman, known for his role as the titular character of Beetlejuice in Broadway.
  • In "Murder Family" a drawing of Fizzarolli is pinned to the I.M.P. office wall by a crossbow bolt.
  • Fizzarolli makes a small cameo earlier in the episode "Loo Loo Land" on a box of cereal called "Greed Seeds" that Octavia is eating for breakfast.


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