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"Well, hello there, you wayward Sinner. Do you like blood, violence, and depravity of a sexual nature? Of course you do! That's why you're in Hell. But what would you say if I told you there was a place to stay that had none of that? Welcome to the Hazbin Hotel, a misguided path to redemption! Founded five days ago by Lucifer's delusional daughter, Charlotte Morningstar! Come place your fate in her inexperienced hands as she tries to work through her daddy issues by fixing you!"
―Alastor, in his Hazbin Hotel commercial

The Hazbin Hotel, formerly known as the Happy Hotel, is a hotel run by Charlie Morningstar for clients who are undergoing rehabilitation to stay at. It is located in Pentagram City within the Pride Ring of Hell.[1]


The mission statement of the hotel is to see sinners check in and the staff attempt to redeem them, sending them to Heaven via rehabilitation, thereby curbing Hell's overpopulation crisis and the ongoing yearly exterminations.

The hotel suffers ongoing mockery and criticism from most of Hell's denizens, most notably the 666 News anchor Katie Killjoy, who deems the idea of reforming demons laughable.


The Hazbin Hotel was previously owned by the royal family before being abandoned for unknown reasons. The hotel formerly may have served as a mansion of sorts while it was owned and inhabited by the family prior to its transformation into a hotel, as suggested by the prevalence of pictures of Charlie, family, and friends on the walls of the establishment.

At some point prior to the events of the Dirty Healings comic and pilot, Charlie assumed ownership of the structure and began to repurpose it towards being a hotel aimed at redeeming sinners. Charlie was subsequently successful in enticing a single sinner, Angel Dust, to inhabit the hotel as its first client, albeit being done under financial incentive.

In the Hazbin Hotel pilot following a disastrous interview with 666 News, Alastor approached the hotel and offered his services as a business partner to promote the hotel, though only with the intention of watching sinners try and fail to redeem themselves. Charlie accepts this offer, as she welcomes any and all the help she could get. Alastor subsequently altered the name of the hotel from the "Happy Hotel" to the "Hazbin Hotel".

In "The Show Must Go On", the hotel was destroyed by Adam during the early Extermination. It was promptly rebuilt after the battle by the hotel group and Lucifer, who made the building much larger than before.













The Hazbin Hotel exterior was a tall, elaborate amalgamation of arched windows and turrets, one of which seems to be broken. In the pilot, the building's exterior suffered from being in a state of extreme disrepair and untidiness.

It appears to be at least seven stories tall, with at least five of which being guest floors. Remnants of an airship, an ocean liner, a sailing ship and a carousel litter both sides and appear to have been incorporated into the structure of the building itself; there is also a train with some tracks looping the first and second floor exterior. Located on the top right of the building is a small radio broadcasting room, used as the work area for Alastor.

Many signs are displayed outside the hotel: One atop the entrance reminiscent of the Hazbin Hotel logo, a large pink one atop the building with the hotel's name in lights, a neon 'HOTEL' sign at the bottom right and atop the building where Alastor's broadcast room is located, a small 'On-Air' sign is visible. Also located on the outer facade are various arrows pointing to the entrance and the broadcast room.

The entrance has a tented cover with a booth in the center reminiscent of a circus or theater ticket booth. On either side of the booth are a set of double doors that have stained glass; in the pilot, they depicted an apple on each one but were destroyed by an explosion due to Sir Pentious blowing up the doors with his airship.

At the end of the pilot, the sign name is changed from the "Happy Hotel" to "Hazbin Hotel" by Alastor.


The hotel's interior was shown to be in a state of disrepair, with wooden boards covering shattered windows, signs warning of asbestos, bloodied tools left lying around, and paintings are shown hanging off the walls. Much of the furniture in the lobby are strewn around haphazardly or remain boxed up in several large wooden crates. In the pilot, the building's interior suffered from being in a state of extreme disrepair and untidiness.

The bar uses skeletons, snakes, and bones as general themes, along with card suits and candles, and advertises itself as a casino. The area the bar in has glowing green wooden walls instead of the usual red wallpaper, with a "Jackpot" sign on the left wall and a Beelzejuice neon sign on the right wall. The word "concierge" can be presumed to be shown above the bar, and Alastor calls it the front desk when talking to Husk, suggesting that it is also the check-in counter.

Despite the shabby and poor condition of the hotel, the overall theme of the building remains ornate and regal, with stained glass windows, lavish furniture, and generous usage of gold. Like the rest of Hell, the hotel has a largely red color scheme. There are many apple, snake and circus motifs throughout the hotel's interior, in reference to the royal family, or more specifically, Lucifer Morningstar. Eyes are also a recurring theme throughout the building, appearing on the frame of almost every single painting and several vases and jars.

Charlie and Vaggie's room

The room the two women shared was rather large, with a regal look and a large bed, and has a window with a view of Pentagram City.

Angel Dust's room

In the ADDICT music video, Angel's room had a vanity, mirror, a place to put his wigs, and a bed. In "The Show Must Go On", his door is shown to have neon lights shaped like webs with hearts, and has three photos of him and his friends, and Fat Nuggets. Next to his bed is a small bed for Fat Nuggets which is shaped like a pink heart and has a small pillow on top of it.

Alastor's room

Alastor's room has a mixture between both traditional décor and the fantastical, with one half being a classic "fancy study", complete with tasteful wallpaper and furnishings, the other half being a literal swamp conjured as a dining area.

Sir Pentious' room

Sir Pentious' room shares his airship's steampunk aesthetics of golden cogs and gears and a red and black color scheme. His bed is shown to be a circular mattress lined with pillows.






  • Both the Hotel redesign and the rebuilt Hotel main series designs were made by Sam Miller.[2][3]
  • The top of the rebuilt Hotel bears slight similarity in shape to the head, cobra-hood, and hat of Sir Pentious, most likely meant to memorialize him.
  • The prototype exterior of the hotel bears a striking resemblance to the Hotel Hightower located in the Tokyo DisneySea theme park resort in Urayasu, Japan.
    • By extension, the style of architecture used for the hotel's facade is known as Moorish Revival while the roofing style is known as Queen Anne style, which carried over in more articulation to the working design of the hotel.
  • The Hazbin Hotel may be similar to the idea of Purgatory in certain sects of Christianity, as both are methods of cleansing sin to bring dead souls to Heaven.
  • During the scene while Niffty is cleaning the hotel, a clock similar to the "Conditional Immortality" clock from the webcomic, Homestuck, is shown.
  • According to Sam Miller, the carpets of the hotel seen in the ADDICT music video have a pattern based on vintage circus tickets.[4]
  • According to Alastor in the Hotel's first commercial he made in "Overture", the Hotel still does not have a working phone.