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Welcome to the Hazbin Hotel Wiki! We're delighted to have you here, and to help you get started on editing, here is a list of rules and guidelines so you can help expand and record everything that goes on in the series!


Please adhere to the guidelines. The Hazbin Hotel Wiki needs your support and edits, but the rules are here to help you have an easier time editing and getting to know the community.

  • COPPA law: In accordance to Fandom's ToU and the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), users under the age of 13 (16 in the EEA, not including the UK) are not allowed to be editors on the wiki. If a user is revealed to be underage, please calmly report it with evidence to an administrator.
  • Observe respectful behavior. Treat people well and talk to each other. Look out for each other and speak up for others if you see them being attacked. Work to understand and resolve the issue instead of engaging in it, and help people get along. Please do not argue, insult, threaten, harass, purposefully offend, or disrespect users or their opinions.
    • On that note, please respect neutrality and do not get involved in message wall that don't concern you.
  • No intolerance of any kind: Hate speech, violence, phobia, slurs, harassment, bullying, discrimination, personal attacks, and other negative behavior is not allowed.
  • No spam, vandalism, trolling, off-topic images, or off-topic posts. These practices, in all forms, are not tolerated. Please contact the administrator(s) for further information.
  • Avoid profanities, unless quoting from the show. While quoting from the show is fine, posting images or text of pornographic content, nudity, graphic, sexually explicit or shock media is strictly banned.
  • Don't evade bans using multiple accounts (also known as sockpuppetting).



Main article: Hazbin Hotel Wiki:Staff

The staff of the wiki are available for contact at any time.


Staff members are the local task force who are granted the special permission to block any users being harmful, disruptive, or failure to follow the rules. Reporting varies by the type of infraction, but please carry an escalating issue to the staff to mitigate it.

  • Please notify admins immediately if a user is being unruly, disruptive, and do not engage on their walls.
  • When reporting a troll, vandal, or sockpuppet, please alert Hazbin Hotel Wiki's admins and moderators, depending on whoever is available at the time. For more details on the degree of spam, you can also visit FANDOM Community Central for more details.
  • If there is a massive wave of spam and the moderators are not available to attend to it, alert the Volunteer Spam Task Force.
  • If an underage user is on the wiki, please report it with evidence to an administrator.

Above all, always assume good faith in a user. Alerting the staff should only be a last resort, so please do not report them if it is over a small dispute like an edit you disagree on. If there is a problem, it's best to ask the user about the issue first, then take any additional steps if need be.


  • Blocking varies based on the degree of the action. Small, disruptive acts like mild spam will result in a temporary block.
  • In case a misunderstanding has occurred, the user who received the block can testify to the administrator who placed it, and discuss the other admins to see if it truly was a mistake.
    • To testify, evidence that cannot be altered, such as a direct link to the URL, is required to be shown. Using false information, accomplices, and rumors will nullify your testimony and possibly lengthen your block.
  • Attempting to circumvent your block by sockpuppet accounts will result in its extension.


  • Use English in English posts.
    • Hazbin Hotel Wiki acknowledges that the series has fans from around the world. In order to handle such a diverse community, please create pages that are in one language.
  • Grammar
    • Hazbin Hotel Wiki strives for a more uniform, professional wiki experience. In order to do so, please exercise some form of formality and grammar. Because this is an American wiki, please refer to Oxford punctuation.
  • Cite your information.
    • Please provide a reliable source for questionable or vague information that has not been stated on-screen. This source should be added as a reference using the <ref></ref> tags.
    • References from a stream should include a timestamp in the video.
  • Avoid information that comes from a non-public source.
    • To show our respect to the creators, we ask that you refrain from adding information or files that was shared privately without the author's permission. Common examples include information from leaks, Patreon, and private Discord channels.
  • Do not engage in edit wars with other users.
    • If you have an edit you disagree with, please take it to the user's message wall to discuss it in a formal and respectful manner.
    • Talking about the format of an article is fine in the comments. In case the post takes up too much space, the article's talk page and the wiki discussion channel on Discussions are available if you wish to continue a more in-depth discussion of an edit status.


Categories are an essential tool for navigation and organization. On the wiki, all pages are expected to have one category. The main categories be found underneath the root category, Hazbin Hotel Wiki.

The wiki's primary category tree looks as follows:

Hazbin Hotel Wiki
* Blog posts
* Characters
** Species
** Organizations
* Disambiguation
* Events
* Files
** Images
*** Screenshots
*** Staff art
*** User images
*** Merchandise images
*** Wiki images
** Videos
** Animations
** Audio files
* Gallery
** Character galleries
** Episode galleries
* Hazbin Hotel
* Helluva Boss
* History
* Lists
* Locations
* Media
** Comic
** Episodes
** Music
*** Songs
** Seasons
** Shows
** Transcripts
* Objects
* Non-canon
* Relationships
* Rules
** Site maintenance‎
* Show staff
* Templates
** Template documentation‎
** Article management templates‎
** General wiki templates‎
** Infobox templates
** Mainpage templates
** Navbox templates‎

For simplicity, every page on the wiki should have one category from the following that is most specific to the article's main topic, i.e. its primary category. This topic is generally indicated by the article's infobox type. Pages may also have secondary categories (categories underneath the primary categories) along with the primary category. Please note that the "Blog posts", "Disambiguation", "Files", "Rules", and "Templates" categories, along with their secondary categories, are exclusive to their respective page types and are not meant for articles.

No uncategorized category should be on the wiki, nor should the page contain additional primary categories if a primary category is already present, e.g. the article Charlie Magne has the primary category "Characters" and the secondary category "Hazbin Hotel characters", but does not include the category "Hazbin Hotel" as the article is about a character.


Main article: Hazbin Hotel Wiki:Templates

Templates are available for use on the wiki.


This wiki documents the canon—facts that are true in the context of the creator and/or series—and is focused on accurate lore, so here are a few things to help you with ensuring Hazbin's accuracy:

  • Maintain general canon. Always strive to add information that has been directly stated or shown in-universe and on-screen, or in streams featuring the show's creators. Avoid adding things that have not been directly said by the creator, such as "Charlie is a nephilim"; nowhere in the series has it been said she is one.
    • However, information that can be supported with evidence is an exception. To learn more on how to handle speculation, please check the section below.
  • No headcanons or outdated info. Please avoid adding fake/fan-based information and/or information that was part of an older work. If you see someone editing/replacing correct information with their own, do not hesitate in contacting the admins.
    • Details about the development, basis, and conception of the subject, on the other hand, can be added in the "Development" section.
  • Avoid fanart. For the same reason we strive for authenticity, please avoid adding fanart (even if they are drawn by the crew) to articles on the wiki. Make sure the image is officially made for the show and its production.
  • Identify semi-confirmed information: For the Hazbin Hotel Wiki, information that is readily confirmed by the creators takes precedence. However, where there is information without an archived source (see below), this portion should be in italics.
    • Add a notice. Sometimes, a source is modified and the information it could have provided cannot be retrieved. This is common in streams that have been revised, muted in parts for copyright status, or deleted altogether. To indicate that the wiki is not posing conjecture on the info, enclose the source in <ref group="note"></ref> appended with an explanation for the precarious nature of the information. To have the note appear, type in the following just below the "References" and first {{reflist}}:


A primary example of archived information includes Faustisse, who was a commonly cited and trusted source on the characters and setting of Hazbin Hotel. Post-leave, due to nearly all the information being relayed in art streams removed from Faustisse's accounts by Faustisse at the end of their employment, the canonical status of this information is disputed, and the streams are unavailable for proper citation. In this wiki, as per our semi-canon policy, Faustisse is still cited in the semi-canon format. With permission and special thanks to Spiked Siegel, Faustisse's art streams are linked in the noted reference, with the art stream information available in an archive found here.
Here is an example of a semi-confirmed statement:
Cherri is bisexual.[note 1]
  1. This was from the Vidcon Discord AMA that is now currently deleted.
This will create a separate section for these citations, and help increase the wiki's reliability on its information.


Speculation must be handled carefully on a wiki. In general, confirmed content is prioritized over theoretical content, unless there is a convincing or proper source for the information, such as an interview with the staff or on official social media. This list serves to examine speculative information and verify if it fits in the reasonable guidelines here.

  • What is good speculation? Although some speculation can be added if there is a source of evidence to support this statement, there is a difference between speculation and assertion:
    • Speculation is information that is theoretical, but still has proof that it is possible. Assertion is a rumor regarded as fact without evidence or proof. Putting an assertive statement is wrong since it is based solely on one's own speculation and has no possible evidence backing it up.
      • ✕ Bad example: "Charlie is a nephilim daughter of Lucifer and Lilith." is based on the fact that Lucifer is a fallen angel. However, nowhere in the series is this directly stated or shown. Furthermore, being the offspring of a fallen angel does not make Charlie an angel any more than the fact her father is no longer an angel; as such, this claim can be immediately contradicted.
      • ✓ Good example: "It can be assumed that Charlie has angelic heritage." is a claim that can be supported by several things shown, such as Octavia saying she used to love Loo Loo Land when her parents did not fight.
    • While adding this type of statement, please mention and/or confirm that this is purely speculation. Phrases such as "it can be said/assumed/theorized/hinted" should be added somewhere in the sentence, thus stating that this is merely a plausible theory. Without them, the sentence suggests the statement is true, when it actually has not been fully confirmed yet.
      • Speculation is not allowed in infoboxes. Infoboxes are intended to be succinct and precise, thus for accuracy, please do not add information that is not confirmed. For example, avoid adding "Demon (possibly)" for a character that resembles, but is not stated, to be a demon.
  • Add verifiable content. Speculation with evidence is permitted, like with all wikis of the same nature as Hazbin Hotel Wiki. However, in order to avoid confusion, lack of trust from the Hazbin Hotel team, and general disorderliness, you should check whether previous information is still valid/solid when you change or edit it. Lastly, please indicate whether it is based on your/the general community's speculation, rather than true canon, and be able to present evidence from clear and reliable sources.
  • Keep a neutral point. If you are still not sure about the precise detail about something and want to avoid guessing, try to make it as objective as possible without slipping into conjectural territory. For example, regarding a character's age, if a character has a vague age measured by birth and death dates, try to mark it as the approximate decade amount (ex: 20s).


Discussions are a place for members of the community to chat, interact, and debate upon topics of the wiki. The general rules of the wiki apply in Discussions, among specific rules that can be read here:

  1. Threads and posts that solicit upvotes will be deleted.
  2. Please keep your posts relevant to the channel topic. For example, discussion posts relating to Hazbin Hotel should go into "Hazbin Discussion", while fanmade content should go into "Fan Feed & Art". Off-topic conversations that are not in the Off-topic category will be deleted.
    • Please note that off-topic does not mean posting jibberish nonsensical posts, which constitutes as spam. Furthermore, please refrain from posting about personal and/or real-life matters. If you have serious concerns and are seeking input, you may contact a staff member instead.
  3. Impersonation of other users or famous people will not be tolerated. If you have been banned and return on a new account, your posts will be deleted and your new account(s) will be banned.
  4. Spamming, trolling, or vandalizing of any kind will be deleted and will lead to your account being banned.
  5. Ask for help. Notice something that doesn't seem right? Or do you just have a question? You can contact the wiki staff through posts in the "Ask the Staff channel, or if you wish to contact Fandom staff, go to "Give feedback" on your app's Settings screen, or via Special:Contact.