The Rules and Guidelines will be developed more in the future. For further reference, please visit FANDOM Community Guidelines.

General Housekeeping

Please adhere to the FANDOM Community Guidelines. Hazbin Hotel Wiki needs your support and edits, but keep civil.

  • English in English posts, etc.
    • Hazbin Hotel Wiki acknowledges that the series has fans from around the world. In order to handle such a diverse community, please create pages that are in one language.
  • Grammar
    • Hazbin Hotel Wiki strives for a more uniform, professional wiki experience. In order to do so, please exercise some form of formality and grammar.
  • The Difference Between Speculation and Fake/Outdated Information
    • Speculation is permitted, like with all wikis of the same nature as Hazbin Hotel Wiki. However, in order to avoid confusion, lack of trust from the Hazbin Hotel team, and general disorderliness, you should check whether previous information is still valid/solid when you change or edit it. Lastly, please indicate whether it is based off of your/the general community's speculation based on evidence, rather than true canon.
  • No Headcanons
    • Headcanons are not tolerated. If you see someone editing/replacing correct information with their own, do not hesitate in contacting the admins.
  • No spam, off topic images, or off topic posts
    • Spam, in all forms, is not tolerated. Please contact the administrator(s) for further information.
  • Avoid profanities in pages, unless quoting from the show