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Heaven is a location in Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss. It made its debut as a cameo in the Hazbin Hotel pilot, and was shown in greater detail in the Helluva Boss episode C.H.E.R.U.B.


Heaven is the ethereal realm of Angels. Heaven is where souls go after their departure from life, but unlike its infernal counterpart, Heaven is purportedly for the souls who are "good" and "redeemed".

The landscape is radically different from Hell and has an entirely different attitude.[1] Existing above Hell itself, Heaven can be seen in Hell's red sky next to the satanic star moon. At a distance, it appears to be a white orb surrounded by clouds with a vague halo above it. At the surface, its atmosphere features clear skies filled with brilliant rays of light, while its terrain appears to be extensive fields of cloud.

Aside from their roles in the afterlife, the exact relationship between Heaven and Hell is undefined. The denizens of Hell hold strong animosity toward Heaven and its inhabitants. In particular, a specific group of an angel called Exorcists descend to Hell once a year and reap various demons in an event known as The Extermination, in order to curb Hell's overpopulation problem. Heaven is not a mirror image of Hell, but it does thrive and operate in a similar manner.[1]

Known Locations


  • According to Vivziepop, information regarding Heaven is currently being kept under wraps until later in the series, including details on whether or not it faces an overpopulation crisis akin to that of Hell. However, she has stated that Heaven is 'very interesting', and that she's excited to get to it later in the show.[2] Dave Capdevielle states that there is something 'fun' planned for Heaven that they do not want to spoil.[1]
  • Vivziepop has stated that she'd like to introduce Heaven as a setting as soon as Episode 2, though this appearance will likely be miniscule in comparison to later episodes.[1]
  • As of Vivzie's Surprise Hazbin Q and A video, she has already planned on how Heaven would look alongside how its hierarchy would work.[3]
  • As seen in the Helluva Boss episode "C.H.E.R.U.B", Heaven has at least one TV station that can be viewed in Hell.
  • Heaven is also revealed to have a handful of similarities that parallel that of Hell's. Noteworthy parallels include:
    • C.H.E.R.U.B being an organization that offers the opposing service of I.M.P.
    • Species such as Cherubs having their own part of Heaven, such as Cherub Towne.
    • Angels have their own hierarchy,[4] parallel to Demons operating by a power hierarchy.
  • According to Faustisse, Demons have alternate forms if ever they went to Heaven.[note 1]



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