Hellhounds are a species of Demons native to hell[1] that resemble carnivorans such as dogs and wolves.


Hellhounds are in the lowest-ranking tier of the hierarchy system, along with imps.[2] Because of this, they have a servitude role in Hell, being used for labor or work to the point that their service is advertised by businesses.[3]

Known Hellhounds



The two hellhounds we have seen so far, Loona and Crymini are anthropomorphic demons that resemble canines or canine-like carnivorans, taking after one specific breed or species for their appearance, with Loona looking like a wolf and Crymini looking more like a hyena. Hellhounds thus far all share distinguishable ears, tails and muzzles specific to their typing.



  • The hellhound is a folkloric creature tracing back to Greek mythology; described as a species of supernatural canid of the underworld, the hellhound traditionally features black fur, red eyes, and ghoulish characteristics. They are often assigned to tasks involving the afterlife, such as guarding the entrances to the world of the dead or hunting lost souls. Cerberus, the three-headed guard dog of the god of the underworld, Hades, was considered a hellhound. In post-classical European cultures, they were considered an omen of death.
  • Hellhounds are one of the only species of demon shown to have visible ears, with the only other exception being certain damned former humans, such as Husk and Mrs. Mayberry.


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