The Pilot episode of Helluva Boss premiered on YouTube on November 25, 2019.


The episode opens with Blitzo holding a meeting with the other employees of I.M.P. to discuss their failing business. He then gets into a argument with Moxxie after blaming him for the company's poor performance, who blames Blitzo's poor business management instead, and how he used all of their salaries to pay for a advertising campaign to run for a full three hours on a TV channel that nobody in Hell watches. Rather than take the blame for the campaign, Blitzo begins arguing with Moxxie about advertising jingles, comparing them to musical theatre, while Moxxie claims no one actually likes the jingles, before Millie chimes in, saying she liked them.

Blitzo then plays the adverts, which everyone watches while eating popcorn. The adverts show Blitzo dressed up as a vaudeville villain with a top hat(s) and monocle, twiddling a fake mustache while burning down an orphanage, then him dressed as an angel throwing a recyclable cup into a trash can while the staff of the cafe he is in look on in confusion. The advert then shows a testimonial from a Ohioan demon that hired I.M.P., who murdered his wife for sleeping with a delivery man and wanted revenge on the jogger who caught him hiding the body.

It then shows a montage of the company's handiwork, set to the jingle Blitzo and Moxxie were arguing about, before finishing in a park where Blitzo and Millie watch as Moxxie is lining up a shot on a target, before accidentally shooting Eddie after he walks in front of him.

They rush Eddie to a hospital, where a doctor and two nurses successfully revive him, but they then throw Blitzo, Moxxie and Millie out the window along with the hospital bed Eddie's in when they learn that they don't have any insurance. The episode cuts back to the meeting room, where Moxxie blames Loona for the screw up, reasoning that as the dispatcher, she was meant to give them the right info on the target. Loona then insults him, and Moxxie trys to come up with a retort before angrily giving up and telling her to do her job.

Blitzo defends Loona, saying she did nothing wrong and is part of the company family, while Moxxie claims she is awful at her job. A series of flashbacks of Loona's interactions with her coworkers are then shown, including her hanging up on Millie when she called her after being stabbed, throwing a adoption anniversary gift from Blitzo on the ground, faxing Moxxie a advert for weight loss and later eating his lunch after coming into work with a hangover.

It then shows her at her desk, telling Blitzo that Stolas wants him on the phone, and that he sounds "DTF-y". Blitzo angrily claims it was a one off thing, and that if he hadn't slept with Stolas none of them would have access to the living world. A flashback of Blitzo acquiring the grimoire that the company uses is shown, before Loona yells his name to remind him that Stolas is waiting for him on the phone.

Blitzo is then shown in his office taking the call, where Stolas asks him to take care of a political candidate back on earth, one who thinks global warming is real. After Blitzo asks him if it is real, Stolas says it is, but that more people will die if nothing is done, and that it gets lonely in hell. Blitzo agrees that makes sense, when Stolas asks Blitzo if he knows what happens when he gets lonely, before beginning to graphically describe having sex with Blitzo. Blitzo ends the call in disgust and destroys his cell phone, deeply disturbed by what he just heard.

The episode returns to the present, with Moxxie asking Blitzo on the subject of family if he could stop finding him and Millie outside of work. Millie claims that it's not a big deal, which surprises Moxxie. Another series of flashbacks are then shown, with Blitzo hiding in the couple's fridge, staring at Moxxie as he sleeps, and filming them with a camcorder as Moxxie sings to Millie, before Moxxie notices him.

The episode returns to the meeting room, where Blitzo insults Moxxie for valuing his and Millie's privacy, asking if he's trying to hide something, before Loona insults him again, starting a argument between Millie and Loona. Eddie, who has been lying on the hospital bed pretending to be paralysed to avoid getting killed the entire meeting, interrupts them wanting to die to avoid having to listen to them anymore, all while insulting everyone else in the room. After his outburst Loona's phone gets a message, saying Eddie actually was the target, which Blitzo takes as a sign that maybe there is a god, drawing a pistol and shooting Eddie again.

A montage of Blitzo, Millie and Moxxie disposing of Eddie's body is shown while Blitzo narrates. It then cuts to outside of a news studio in the living world, where Eddie's mom is appealing for help in finding her son, when a portal opens above her which Blitzo dumps a bag containing Eddie's body out of.




  • Hell
    • Imp City
      • I.M.P. Headquarters
    • Stolas' Family Mansion
  • Earth
    • Park
    • Hospital
    • News Studio


  • Loona's Hellphone
  • Avocado Salad
  • Moxxie's Guitar
  • Blitzo's Camcorder
  • Guide to the human world Book
  • Moxxie and Millie's wedding portrait
  • Blitzo's circus family portrait




  • TBA


  • This episode is shown to take place after the Hazbin Hotel pilot, as Loona can be seen watching the live broadcast of Charlie advertising the hotel in one of the flashbacks.
  • Lucifer Magne and Satan are shown to be separate characters as a homeless demon can be seen holding a sign that says "Satan Bless".
  • The crowd present in the church has been confirmed to be animated versions of the show's animations.
  • The dumpster wherein Eddie's body is disposed of has various graffiti referencing Hazbin Hotel. For instance, the quote "Always Chasing Rainbows" references the song from the pilot, a one-eyed smiling face representing Cherri Bomb, and the words "Happy Hotel" written on the side.

Cultural References

  • The "Chub B Gone" weight loss advertisement Moxxie received is a reference to the amphetamines of the same name from the series Bojack Horseman.
  • The newscaster shown at the end of the pilot is a caricature of Brandon Rogers' "Flint Dicker" character from his YouTube channel.[1]
  • Moxxie and Millie own a Phantom Of The Opera (2004) in their bedroom.
  • Stolas mentions a political candidate trying to convince the public that global warming is real. He is referring to Al Gore and the Documentary film An Inconvenient Truth.
  • The lead doctor resembles Mandy from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.


  • Millie's eyelashes change lengths throughout the episode.
  • During the scene wherein Blitzo asks Moxxie if he has forgotten what their business is about, the remote he uses changes from a one button remote to a TV remote.
  • During the final verse of the I.M.P. Jingle, though Moxxie clearly shoots Eddie with a double-barrel shotgun, it suddenly changes into a sniper rifle in the next shot.
  • The colors of Loona's eyes are reversed during the scene wherein she asks Blitzo "is it a cure for Syphilis?"
  • When Blitzo looks out the window, he presses his face up against it hard enough to crack it, but when it cuts back to him closing the blinds the window is intact.
  • In the scene wherein the rest of the I.M.P. employees are first shown, the opening that is supposed to be visible in the middle part of Loona's tanktop is colored in instead of leaving it the same as her fur color.
  • The wires attached to Eddie's body is shown to not even be connected to the monitor.
  • Moxxie is seen standing next to Blitzo when they realize that Eddie was still alive. Moxxie is then seen sitting next to Millie again in the next scene.
  • When Loona is about to say "The only reason you have a husband is because he's easy to manage!", Millie's body can be seen phasing through the table.


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