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Helsa von Eldritch[1] is Charlie Magne's rival and a character in the Hazbin Hotel series.


Helsa is a demon with dark grey skin and long white hair with dark spots underneath, similar to that of a cephalopod's tentacles. Her eyes have dark teal sclerae and neon green irises with slit pupils. The right side of her face is covered with bangs from her hair. She has sharp neon green teeth and black lips. She also wears a hot pink coat with neon green fur collar, cuffs and buttons and a dark grey pencil skirt with matching neon green fur trim.

When she is enraged, as shown when Charlie calls her a loser during her song, she grows a more eldritch appearance with sharp-toothed mouths and eyes popping out throughout her body.


Helsa's personality has been described to the likeness of Regina George from the movie (soon turned musical), Mean Girls[2], as she is purposefully and deliberately mean to others as further supported by Faustisse who describes her as the "very smart" kind of evil[note 3].


Natural abilities

  • Demon Transformation: Like some of the other demons in Hell, Helsa has demonstrated the ability to change her physical form into a more fearsome and eldritch appearance when she is angered.



  • Helsa was first mentioned in a tweet by Vivziepop on July 3, 2018.[3][1]
  • Vivziepop says that the song Revenge Party from the Mean Girls musical reminds her of Helsa herself. This is referenced in the background of Inside of Every Demon is a Rainbow, where it says 'High School' on a coaster behind Charlie and Helsa.
  • A portrait at the Happy Hotel depicts Helsa and her family with the Magne family, implying her and Charlie's families know each other. This was confirmed by Vivziepop in a live stream.[4]


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