Helsa von Eldritch[1] is Charlie's rival and a character in the Hazbin Hotel series.




  • Helsa was first mentioned in a tweet by Vivziepop on July 3, 2018.[2][1]
  • Vivziepop describes her as Regina George from Mean Girls.[3] and says that the song Revenge Party from the Mean Girls musical reminds her of Helsa herself. This is referenced in the background of Inside of Every Demon is a Rainbow, where it says 'High School' on a coaster behind Charlie and Helsa.
  • A portrait at the Happy Hotel depicts Helsa and her family with the Magne family, implying her and Charlie's families know each other. This was confirmed by Vivziepop in a live stream.[4]
  • Helsa is mean on purpose and is the "very smart" kind of evil.[note 3]


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