Helsa von Eldritch is Charlie's rival and a character in the Hazbin Hotel series.


Charlotte Magne

Charlie is Helsa's rival. The two butt heads with each other. Charlie is seen calling her a loser during her song in the show's pilot. Judging by a portrait in the Happy Hotel, which depicts The Magne and von Eldritch families together, she and Charlie know each other because they come from two of Hell's high-standing families. It is presumed from this image that they were both born in hell.

Seviathan von Eldritch

Seviathan is Helsa's brother. They have a neutral siblings relationship with each other. While Helsa and Seviathan don't hate each other, they just don't appreciate each other. They are so busy with their own stuff that they don't care about the other.[1]



  • Helsa was first mentioned in a tweet by Vivziepop on July 3, 2018.[2]
  • Vivziepop describes her as Regina George from Mean Girls.[3] and says that the song Revenge Party from the Mean Girls musical reminds her of Helsa herself. This is referenced in the background of Inside of Every Demon is a Rainbow, where it says 'High School' on a coaster behind Charlie and Helsa.
  • A portrait at the Happy Hotel depicts Helsa and her family with the Magne family, implying her and Charlie's families know each other. This was confirmed by Vivziepop in a live stream.[4]
  • Helsa is mean on purpose and is the "very smart" kind of evil.[1]


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