"Henroin" is Angel Dust's father from an early version of Hazbin Hotel. His current role in the series, if he has a role to speak of, is unknown.


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Natural Abilities

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Unique Abilities

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  • He was an original character created by Vivienne. He, along with Angel Dust's older brother, Arackniss, first appeared in Vivziepop's Daddy Issues- Animatic- Vivziepop video.
    • His initial name was first revealed in a reply Viv made to fanart of the character.[1]
    • Henroin's name is most likely a reference to the drug Heroin and the name Henry.
  • According to Vivziepop in a live stream, canonically, Angel does have a father, but did not disclose his name nor could she confirm it was still Henroin, though she claims she let it "slip" before.[2]
    • Angel's father might be part of the mob, as Angel was said to be from a crime family when he was alive and temporarily after he died.[3][4]



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