Humans are one of the many species that inhabit Earth. Humans make up the sinner category of demons in Hell, as opposed to their counterpart, which are Hellborn demons.

Notable Humans



  • According to Faustisse, sinners have different voices before their deaths,[note 1] although this does not seem to be the case with Mrs. Mayberry. It is possible that this information has been retconned.
  • In the Helluva Boss episode "Murder Family", Martha and her family seem to temporarily take on certain "demonic" traits such as sharp teeth, red eyes and slit pupils when in a state of evil derangement; these traits vanish as the situation de-escalates. It is unclear if this was a tendency unique to humans such as them, given that they were worshipers of evil forces. The appearance of these traits are likely meant as visual metaphors, and not literal transformations.


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