"You think you can just buy me with a wink and some cheap booze?! Well, you CAN!"
―Husk, responding to Alastor's proposal

Husk is the front desk clerk and bartender at the Happy Hotel.


Husk is an anthropomorphic cat with a casino playing-card theme. His fur is taupe-colored, overlayed with white fur on his face, torso, feet, and upper arm. He has long red eyebrows with dark red vertical stripes near the tips, a black heart above each eyebrow, and his eyes are brown with orange Irises. His tail is brown and long, ending with some large "plume-like" fur, which is red with black and white stripes. His wings are large in size and red, with black stripes and suits (the symbols on playing cards: diamonds, clubs, spades, and hearts) markings. The insides of his ears are white with dull pink stripes. Husk wears a black top hat with a red hatband, a golden hat decoration (being that of what looks like a button) a red bowtie, and a darker shade of taupe ankle braces.


Husk is generally in a monotonous mood and can be vulgar at certain times, even saying he lost the ability to love years ago. He can be gruff and is a sarcastic and unenthusiastic alcoholic. He also loves to gamble because he has an unhealthy addiction to it.



  • Multilingualism: Aside from English, Husk can speak the following languages fluently: Italian, Russian, German, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, and Japanese.[8]
  • Gambling: Husk is shown to be efficient at games involving gambling and can make it so that the game wins in his favor.

Unique Abilities

  • Flight: Due to his large pair of avian wings, he is capable of flight, though it has been stated in the past he doesn't fly often because he is lazy.[9]



  • Husk's name means "a shell or a protective outer covering (of something)" which fits his character well since he is shown to be merely what is left over of the man he once was.
  • Husk was originally designed by Vivienne's sister, Maritza.[10][11]
  • Husk is the easiest character to write for Vivziepop since he does not really care about anything and is almost always grumpy, leading to him having quite the same reactions to anything.[12]
  • Husk grew up in a casino and really likes magic shows.
  • According to Vivziepop, Husk's gambling lifestyle alongside his voice actor Mick Lauer's fluency in Taiwanese was an influence on his multilingualism.
  • According to Dave Capdevielle, the reason Husk drinks a lot is because he's very deeply emotionally troubled.[13]
  • Husk is the only character, other than the Hellhounds, to have ears.
    • Additionally, he is the only character from the main cast who doesn't wear any clothes, excluding his top hat and bowtie.
  • According to Faustisse, he is apparently good with children.[14]
  • Ashley and Mick describe Husk as a Tsundere.[15]
  • Viv can see Husk being able to play the saxophone.[16]
  • According to Vivziepop, Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty was an influence on Husk's voice. This didn't play in favor as subsequent auditions for the character were mere impressions of Rick rather than a unique voice of their own.[17]
  • Husk appears to be a card cheat, as when Alastor teleports him to the hotel, he is shown with a hand of five cards and claims to have a full house (a pair and a three of a kind), when it can be seen that he has a pair of twos and a joker (which normally isn't used in poker, and even then there are only two of them in a standard deck of cards). When Alastor knocks his cards out of his hand over five cards including two different aces (the ace of hearts and the ace of spades) are shown.
  • Whenever Angel leaves the Hotel, Husk is forced to look after Fat Nuggets.[18] 
  • According to Viv, Husk is insecure.[19] 
  • The number 75 in Husk's Voxtagram username, @bar_cat75, is a direct reference to his age.
  • In one of Angel's Voxtagram posts, a candid pic of him can be seen on the wall of Angel's room.


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