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Husk is the front desk clerk/bartender, a gambler, at the Happy Hotel, and a main character in Hazbin Hotel.


Husk is a cat with greyish-brown fur with white fur on his face, torso and upper arm. He has long red eyebrows and his eyes are brown with orange pupils. His tail is brown and long, ending with some large "plume-like" fur, which is red with black and white stripes. His wings are big, red, with black stripes and suits (the symbols on the playing cards: diamonds, clubs, spades and hearts) markings. Husk wears a black hat and a red bowtie.


Husk is generally moody and can be vulgar at certain times. He can be gruff and is an alcoholic.



He has worked with Alastor in the past.



  • Husk was originally designed by Vivienne's sister, Maritza.
  • Husk fought in Vietnam.
    • He is thought to have died older than most fans perceptive at first.
  • Husk is a gambler.
  • Husk grew up in a casino and really likes magic shows.