Hazbin Hotel Staff


Husk does not appear to have friendly feelings towards Alastor. While he is surly towards most people, Husk displays open and unafraid distain towards him when forcibly summoned to the hotel. Husk is furious to be dragged away from his gambling table and back into Alastor's services, and isn't shy to let him know it, going so far as to physically shove him. Alastor, however, is aware of Husk's vice for alcohol and is happy to indulge him in it as a means of bribery. After arriving at the hotel, Husk demands to know what Alastor wants with him "this time", implying that he has been summoned by Alastor on more than one occasion. While the accuracy of Vaggie's story about Alastor's overnight ascent to power is yet unclear, Husk is pictured alongside him as he destroys souls. VivziePop has described Alastor's view of Husk as less than flattering, stating that he sees him as a sad and loney drunk.


Husk is Niffty's friend and co-worker at the Happy Hotel. Husk is very patient with Niffty and they do get along with each other, although (according to Faustisse), he also finds Niffty to be somewhat annoying.[note 1]

Charlotte Magne

Husk and Charlie are co-workers at the Happy Hotel. Immediately after being summoned to the hotel and positioned as the front desk clerk and bartender, Charlie rushes to greet him with typical bubbly enthusiasm. Husk responds to the Princess with surly indifference.


Husk and Vaggie are co-workers at the hotel. At first, Vaggie is staunchly against the idea of a bar being present at the hotel at all, but soon begrudgingly agrees to it, per Angel's demand. Her only objection was to the bar itself and not Husk himself, as the two have yet to interact in the show.


Angel Dust

Husk finds Angel Dust's flirting to be rather annoying, and during their initial meeting, throws dismissive expletives at him. Although, when asked who Angel considers his best friend, Vivziepop has previous given the answer of "Husk", sugguesting their relationship is planned to greatly improve. [1]


Vivziepop decribed Husk and Crymini's relationship as akin to a father and daughter, and has implied he will eventually begin to try and take responsibility for her. [2]


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