The Pilot

"Read 'em and weep, boys. Full Ho-oooooh-tel? What the fuck is this?"
―Husk, after being teleported to the hotel
"Don't you "Husker" me, you son of a bitch. I was about to win the whole damn pot!"
―Husk, to Alastor
"What the hell do you want this time?"
―Husk, asking why he was summoned
"Are you shittin' me?"
―Husk, about being a bartender at the hotel
"You thought it'd be some kind of big fucking riot just to pull me out of nowhere?! You think I'm some kind of fucking clown?!"
―Husk, to Alastor about "volunteering" his services
"What? You think you can buy me with a wink and some cheap booze?! Well, you can!"
―Husk, after seeing cheap booze on the counter
"Go fuck yourself."
―Husk, to Angel Dust
"I lost the ability to love years ago."
―Husk, to Charlie
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