"♫ When you want somebody gone and you don’t wanna wait too long, call the Immediate Murder Professionals! ♫ "
―I.M.P jingle

Immediate Murder Professionals, abbreviated as I.M.P, is a startup assassination business within Hell seen in Helluva Boss.


The company offers the unique service of eliminating living targets still on Earth as a form of settling the unfinished business of Hell's residents. This is done through a book owned by Stolas that opens a portal to Earth, allowing the assassins access to their human targets. It was founded by Blitzo and is run by him along with his employees, consisting of fellow Imps, Moxxie and Millie, as well as a Hellhound, Loona.

While they do not accept requests to assassinate targets unless they are in the living world, they may accept special requests either if enough money is offered or they get to kill someone; an example of this is shown when Stolas hired them as bodyguards in order to safely visit Loo Loo Land with his daughter.


As seen in the pilot, Blitzo equates elaborate advertising with business success, and has made several expensive advertising campaigns.

I.M.P Jingle

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A series of TV adverts prominently starring Blitzo and featuring a jingle that he wrote. Much to Moxxie's annoyance, Blitzo used up most of his employees' salaries funding it, paying for it to be run for three hours straight on an unpopular TV channel, then blamed Moxxie for the company's poor performance.


A single billboard near I.M.P Headquarters, Blitzo attempted to have it say "Got an asshole in the living world? Come to I.M.P!" with a big picture of Blitzo and a giant arrow pointing to the I.M.P office. The advertising company instead used text to speech when making it, with the billboard reading "Goat an asshole in the living worlds!? Come to I Am Pee!!!!??! Make sure you put this sign on the rite side. Don't fuck this up. Also payment may take a few weeks because it cums in the mail. SPEECH TO TEXT. Blitzo.", and pointed the arrow away from the office.

Spring Break flyer

In Spring Broken, Blitzo made this promotional flyer during his challenge with Verosika Mayday over a parking spot, advertising a discount for contracts for that day. Despite Blitzo only creating one, and the flyer being poorly spelled and having bad grammar, it was wildly successful, attracting a line of customers stretching down the street.



  • One of the only rooms that can be seen in the pilot has various portraits of the crew. This may be related to the fact that Blitzo sees him and his employees as a family.
  • The I.M.P initials form the word "Imp", which is the demon species of Blitzo, Moxxie and Millie.
  • In "Murder Family", it is revealed that the building I.M.P operates out of is supposedly condemned.
    • Later in Spring Broken we hear that other companies are operating in the building, primarily succubus companies which have their own floor.
  • The I.M.P van's front bears a slight resemblance to a 1992 GMC Vandura/Chevrolet van. The color scheme may be a reference to television series The A-Team, which also featured a black Vandura with a red stripe on both sides.
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