Immediate Murder Professionals, abbreviated as I.M.P., is a startup assassination business within Hell. The company offers the unique service of eliminating living targets still on Earth as a form of settling the unfinished business of Hell's residents. This is done through a book once owned by Stolas that opens a portal to Earth, enabling the assassins access to their human targets. It was founded by Blitzo and is run by him and his entourage of demons consisting of Moxxie, Millie, and Loona.

I.M.P Jingle

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The company has its own jingle that plays in its commercial advertisements.



  • One of the only rooms that can be seen in the pilot has various portraits of the crew. This may be related to the fact that Blitzo sees him and his employees like a family.
  • The I.M.P initials form the word "Imp", which is the demon species of Blitzo, Moxxie and Millie.
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