Imps are a species of Demons that have the lowest ranking in Hell's hierarchy.


Imps are the lowest ranking demons in Hell's hierarchy and therefore the least respected and most likely to be hired for slave work. There is a hotspot in Hell for imps called Imp City, which appears extremely shabby and filled with homeless even by Hell's standards.

Known Imps



Imps are designed to look like how the devil is typically portrayed in media, with horns and an arrow-shaped tail. Their color schemes simply consist of black, red, white and bits of yellow. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes although the most common ones appear to be around the same height as an average human adult.


  • Demon Transformation: Imps possess a common trait that is shared amongst every species of Demons, which is the ability to transform from their default forms to their Full Demon forms at will.
  • Photokinesis: Imps have the ability to project light from their eyes when they are in dimly lit areas.
  • Unique Abilities: Although more of it has yet to be shown, Imps have a wide array of abilities that is unique to individual Imps. An example of this is Blitzo's ability to purr.


  • In mythology, imps are minor types of fairies or demons that are typically more mischievous than threatening, and as such are deemed lesser beings, even servile, to supernatural entities.
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