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Inside of Every Demon is a Rainbow is a song produced for Hazbin Hotel. It was officially released on October 5th, 2018, as a promotional video for the show. The song is sung by Charlie while pitching her idea for the hotel on 666 News. It is available on Spotify, Amazon and iTunes.

A reprise sung by Alastor is featured near the end of the pilot when Alastor convinces Charlie he has her best interests in mind.


I have a dream,
I'm here to tell.
About a wonderful, fantastic new hotel
Yes it's one of a kind, right here in Hell
Catering to a specific clientele

Inside of every demon is a rainbow,
Inside every sinner is a shiny smile!
Inside of every creepy hatchet-wielding maniac,
Is a jolly, happy, cupcake-loving child!

We can turn them 'round!
They'll be heaven-bound!
With just a little time down at the Happy Hotel!

So, all you junkies, freaks and weirdos,
Creepers, fuck-ups, crooks, and zeroes,
And downfallen superheroes, hope is here!

All of you cretins, sluts and losers,
Sexual deviants and boozers, and prescription drug abusers
Need not fear
Forever again
We'll cure your sin
We'll make you well, you'll feel so swell
Right here in Hell, at the Happy Hotel!

There'll be no more fire
And no more screams,
Just puppy dog kisses, and cotton candy dreams,
And puffy-wuffy clouds, you're gonna be like "Wow!"
Once you check in with meeeee~!

So, all your cartoon porn addictions,
Vegan rants, psychic predictions,
Ancient Roman crucifixions
End right here!

All you monsters, thieves and crazies,
Cannibals and crying babies,
Frothing mouth that's full of rabies,
Filled with cheer!

You'll be complete! It'll be so neat!
Our service can't be beat! You'll be on easy street! (Yes!)
Life will be sweet at the Happy Hotel~!



  • It is the second song of the series and the second song to premiere alongside two others during the pilot.
  • The song was released on Spotify and iTunes a week before the clip was uploaded to YouTube. Before delays, the original plan was to release the song with the clip.
  • During the song clip, when Charlie sings the lyric "You'll be on Easy Street" it is a clear homage to the song of the same name from the musical "Annie", as evident by the three characters (including Mimzy) surrounding her who closely resemble the characters Rooster, Miss Hanigan, and Lilly St. Regis, as well as the nameplate sitting on the desk displaying Hanigan's name.
  • Marx, one of Vivziepop's characters, can be seen when Charlie describes "boozers".
  • The puppy that Charlie was cuddling in the musical number is a caricature of storyboard artist Perry Hull's dog. That particular scene was drawn by Hull himself.
  • Several characters planned to appear in the series make cameos in the song:
    • Helsa von Eldritch when Charlie calls her a loser.
    • The spider-like Overlord from the beginning of the pilot when Charlie sings "thieves and crazies".
    • Mimzy in the casino where Charlie hugs her and two other demons.
  • This song has been referenced twice in Helluva Boss:
    • In the pilot, Loona can be seen watching Charlie's performance on her computer.
    • Robo Fizz makes a reference to this song in the episode, "Loo Loo Land", when he sings the line "I have a dream, I'm here to tell". He also mimics Charlie's movements even down to having a piano to stand on though this one is cardboard.