"Guns get the job done, but a man ain't nothin' if he can't tear the head off a hellish beast with only his bare hands!"
―Joe to Moxxie, about close combat

Joe is the father of Millie and Sallie May and the husband of Lin. He is a minor character who made his debut in "The Harvest Moon Festival".


Joe is a very burly Imp, having muscular arms and a pronounced torso. He has red skin, yellow eyes, white hair and matching mustache, along with black and white striped horns like all other male Imps. He also has white marks all along his left shoulder, though it is unknown if they are either tattoos or scarring. He wears a sleeveless black vest over a brown sleeveless shirt, a black belt with silver buckle, and gray pants with black boots.


Joe, like his wife, are rather fond of war and violence; upon meeting Blitzo, Joe and his wife took a liking to him due to his compliment on Millie being tough and his name reminding them of war. Similar to his wife, Joe was not very fond of Moxxie given his diminutive stature and preference for ranged weapons.

By the end of the episode when Moxxie stands up to them after they chastise Millie he seems to gain some grudging respect for Moxxie as conveyed via a nod.


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