Information found online is most likely outdated. All information is to be changed following theory debunk streams, upcoming Patreon comics, and the pilot.

Katie Killjoy is the head anchor of 666 News, Hell's premiere news station, and is a main character in Hazbin Hotel. It is possible that she is also a supposedly antagonist due to the fact that she is constantly trying to make Charlie's plans of redemption seem idiotic.


Katie Killjoy is a tall, slim demon, with short, blonde hair. Her eyes are pink, with small, yellow pupils. Killjoy's skin is pure white. Her most noticeable design traits are her long neck, red lips, big, firm breasts, and her wide shoulders. In a shot of the pilot, you could see that she has a thin waist, along with wide hips.


Tom Trench

Tom is Katie's colleague. It's unclear if their relationship is purely professional or not. It is possible for Katie to have a tendency to abusing Tom due to the fact that she poured scalding hot coffee onto his crotch in Morning Report for him making a pun about "nailing" Cherri, even calling him a little bitch shortly after.


She appears to be care nothing for Charlie's status as Princess of Hell, believing herself to be "too rich and influential", and as such has no reluctance whatsoever in talking down or even threatening to "bury her".


Katie is doubtful about Charlie's plan to help rehabilitate the denizens of hell. She sees it as a joke and ridicules her. Killjoy is extremely arrogant and cares mostly about her own image, the hottest stories, and the latest gossip.


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