"Get a hold of yourself, Collin! And do not use the Lord’s name in vain!"
―Keenie, reprimanding Collin

Keenie is a Cherub who appears in the Helluva Boss episode "C.H.E.R.U.B". She is a member of C.H.E.R.U.B who was banished from Heaven due to indirectly killing a human.


Keenie has the form of a small anthropomorphic sheep with yellow fur, along with a yellow halo and wings. Her eyes have purple pupils with pink irises, and she wears a yellow dress with a pink bowtie.


Keenie poses a very kind demeanor and attempts to inspire others through her job, she's shown to be very dedicated for her work both as an angel and in C.H.E.R.U.B, not hesitating to head into combat if outside forces don't go her way. She doesn't, however, seem to be totally invested in the lives of her clients, and instead appears to only want to help them out of obligation to her job rather than out of sympathy. Being an angel, Keenie has a very modest nature having low tolerance to what she finds indecent, such as Blitzo making an inappropriate joke or when Collin uses the Lord's name in vain.

However, she appears to be very prejudiced and judgmental towards Demons, as she refers to them as disgusting, loathsome beasts that "shitty dead people" tread on. Ironically, she is shown to cuss when angered to a high point, even though she still considers I.M.P's actions and slang inappropriate, along with chastising Collin for accidentally using the Lord's name in vain even though she has used far worse language than he has. She has also shown to be the most aggressive and violent of the cherubs, kickstarting the brawl between them and the imps when Millie pushed her too far.


Natural Abilities

  • Flight: Along with all the other abilities of Cherubs, Keenie can fly due to her wings, and can fly quite quickly and is swift with her wings in battle, even though her wings are quite small.
  • Weapon Summoning: Like all other Cherubs, Keenie has the ability to summon an angelic crossbow that's unique to her, as well as golden arrows to load it with. When released from the crossbow, these arrows leave behind a visible trail of bright sparkling golden light.


  • Archery: Along with her co-workers, Keenie is seen to be proficient with her crossbow being able to shoot many arrows at high speeds.
  • Musical Talent: In the beginning of the episode "C.H.E.R.U.B", she is able to sing the lyrics on rhythm.

Unique Abilities

  • Portal Summoning: As demonstrated in her debut episode, she was the one to summon a portal back to Heaven for herself and her fellow co-workers. Despite it still functioning as intended, those who are banished from Heaven are banned from re-entering from said portal. It is currently unknown if this is a feat unique to only her or a selected few, or if every other Cherub has the same ability.


  • The members of C.H.E.R.U.B are the first cherubs shown to be banished from Heaven. It is currently unknown if Keenie is still on Earth or somewhere else.
  • Like her colleagues, Keenie's name derives from a country famous for shepherding. In her case, "Keenie" is an Irish name.
  • She shares the same voice actor with Deerie, with both of them being voiced by the series creator, Vivienne Medrano.
  • In a stream, it was said that Vivian Nixon also auditioned for one of the Cherubs,[1] indirectly hinted to be either be Keenie or Deerie as Vivziepop mentioned taking over the role.[2]



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