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Lilith Magne is the queen of Hell, the wife of Lucifer Magne, and the mother of Charlie Magne.


Lilith is presented as a tall woman, exceeding both her husband and daughter in height, with pale skin, long blonde hair and silverish eyes.

One of her most distinguishing physical characteristic are her pair of horns (a trait her husband, ironically, lacks) which noticeably differ depending on the image. This is because she is able to change the shape of her horns at will.[note 1]


Faustisse describes Lilith's personality as graceful, regal, and politically charged.

Lilith is someone who is exceptionally equanimous.[note 2]

Faustisse has suggested that she is somewhat good with children.[note 3]


Natural Abilities

  • TBA


  • TBA

Unique Abilities

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  • The name "Lilith" translates to "nightjar", "screech owl", "night hag" or "night-monster" in Hebrew text.
    • Like the rest of her family, the surname "Magne" of French origins (derived from the Latin word "magnus"), translates to "The Great".
  • Lilith shares her name with the Abrahamic figure Lilith, however, it is unknown if Hazbin Hotel's Lilith is the same character or a demon who merely shares the name.
    • In Jewish folklore, Lilith is a powerful demon who was Adam's first wife and the mother of the Succubi and Incubi. In the Bible, a "Lilith" refers to a bird-like creature first mentioned in Isaiah 34:14 measuring in at almost 30 cm (12 in.) in length with a wingspan of 50 cm (20 in.) or more. When asked if the Eden family (Adam, Eve, Cain, and Abel) have some connection to the Magne as well, Vivziepop said that she can't say because it is part of the story.[1]
    • As Succubi are a species in Hell, it is not clear if Lilith Magne herself is one. Faustisse briefly mentioned that Viv was not moving toward Charlie being a succubus through her mother.[note 4]
  • When asked about Lilith's powers, Faustisse couldn't say what they are because that will be spoilers for upcoming Hazbin Hotel episodes; but stated that Lilith doesn't have wings like Charlie and Lucifer.[note 5]
    • According to Faustisse, Lilith can change the shape of her horns, but it's unlikely it'll be shown in the show since it would be difficult to animate.[note 6] However, this has been shown in the background of the pilot. On the wall of the Happy Hotel are some portraits and posters of Lilith and in some of them, she possesses more ram-like horns as opposed to the horns of her default form.
  • Faustisse has suggested that Lilith is a former cabaret dancer.[note 7] It was also mentioned that like her family, Lilith loves music,[note 8] as evident with her career as a singer in Hell, and also the fact that Vivziepop's headcanon voice for her would be Lady Gaga.[note 9]
  • According to Faustisse, she and her daughter, alongside Alastor, are fans of pineapple on pizza.[note 10]


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