"It’s no trouble. We know you aren’t making as much anymore since y’all went “freelance.”"
―Lin, to Millie

Lin is the mother of Millie and Sallie May, and the wife of Joe. She is a minor character who made her debut in "The Harvest Moon Festival".


Lin bears a striking resemblance to Millie, having red skin covered with spots, although hers are a lot more numerous, in addition to dark wild hair, yellow eyes, and black horns with thin white stripes. She has a full-figured body with thick thighs, wide hips and plump breasts but a slim waist. Her attire consists of a white shirt with rolled up sleeves, crimson ascot around her neck, faded blue jeans, and gardening gloves on her hands.


Lin is generally a friendly woman to people she likes and is a very caring mother. Like her husband, Lin has a fondness for war and violence. At first, they both take a liking to Blitzo due to his compliment on Millie being resilient, and as his name conjures up thoughts of war. She, along with her husband, is not fond of Moxxie, given his diminutive stature and preference for ranged weapons, and would instead prefer someone with enough physical strength to stand their ground without using anything except their bare hands. Despite being a caring parent towards her daughter, Lin has a habit of scolding Millie for getting too carried away with her violent tendencies, noted when she reminded Millie of her role in causing nine out of fifteen funerals in the Pain Games. Although, this side seem to be more so because she’d rather Millie use her physical strength in a more calm manner to her advantage rather than mindlessly attacking without care. This was shown when she scolded Millie for letting her rage get the best of her when she faced Striker, claiming she raised her better than that, and let Sallie May get away with her killing spree due to her’s being more carefully done than Millie’s.


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