"Well, hey there! I’m Loo Loo! Welcome to Loo Loo Land! If you get hurt here, just try and sue us!"
―Loo Loo, to Moxxie

The Loo Loo Land Mascot, commonly known as Loo Loo,[1] is a character from Helluva Boss. He was portrayed as the titular mascot of the amusement park, Loo Loo Land, before the park's eventual destruction. His fate afterwards remains unknown.


The performer is a demon who wears a costume of Loo Loo, an anthropomorphic apple mascot suit with a somewhat old timey cartoon style based on his eyes and clothing. His costume has a large yellow toothed smile with one tooth missing. The left eye sometimes pops out of its socket. He wears red gloves, clown shoes and a top hat resembling a stem next to a leaf which gives him a simple look of a basic apple. The top of the costume has an oozing green slime mark. Because he wears the costume, the demon's true appearance is currently unknown.


  • Moxxie appeared to be afraid of him and called him out as a pervert to which he admitted was true.



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