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"♫ I have a dream I'm here to tell, about a magical fantastic place called Loo Loo Land! ♫"
Robo Fizz, singing the Loo Loo Land song

Loo Loo Land is the second episode of the first season of Helluva Boss. It premiered on December 9, 2020 on Vivziepop's YouTube channel.[1]


When Stolas hires I.M.P. as bodyguards on a trip to Loo Loo Land, things sure do happen.


The episode begins with a flashback to Octavia as a child crying for her parents. When Stolas gets to her room to see what is wrong, she says she had a nightmare where she endlessly searched their home and couldn't find him anywhere. Stolas comforts her by saying how he will always be there for her, and uses his Grimoire to open a portal to another planet while he sings her a lullaby as she falls asleep.

Cutting to the present, Octavia, now as a teenager, is awoken by her parents fighting, after her mother discovered that Stolas had slept with an Imp. Getting out of bed, she puts on headphones and picks a song from her hellphone as she walks through the estate, passing a broken pot plant her mother had thrown on her way into the kitchen. In the kitchen, Octavia gets herself a cup of coffee and grabs a box of cereal while her parents continue arguing, with her mother tossing an Imp servant at her father, asking if "he'd like to fuck this one too". Stella calls Stolas an embarrassment and storms out of the kitchen in outrage.

Stolas then notices Octavia is there, and acting like nothing is amiss, asks if she slept well and what song she is listening to. As Stolas grabs a piece of meat from the fridge to feed a house plant, Octavia tells him that she is listening to a song called "My World Is Burning Down Around Me" by Fuck You Dad. Octavia then asks if her parents are done screaming for the day, causing Stolas to pause, before he hears his wife break something in another room. Stolas then starts talking about taking Octavia to Loo Loo Land, which Octavia tries to get out of, saying that she isn't five anymore. Stolas continues, asking if she'd like to go anyway, just the two of them, as she was always so happy there.

Octavia says that she would rather kill herself, which Stolas ignores, reasoning anything is better than staying in the house, and that he'll arrange security. Octavia questions why they need security at a theme park, and Stolas tells her that they are rich and hot, saying people want their bodies and money. As Stolas begins dialing a number on a rotary phone, Octavia agrees with the money part, but questions the body part. Stolas quietly retorts, before loudly saying he's dialing the only man who can fuck him, to Octavia's disgust. Stolas continues as if he hadn't said anything, as Octavia groans and pulls her beanie down over her face.

It then cuts to a picture of a partially undressed Blitzo that has had "#1 Bitch" written over to read "#1 Boss" before zooming out to show the rest of Blitzo's office. Blitzo is playing with office supplies he made into simple puppets of his employees, Millie and Moxxie. Doing fairly poor impressions of them, he pretends they are praising his work ethic and want to take part in a three way, and he shoves the puppets down his pants before being interrupted by a phone call. Stolas greets him as "...my big dicked Blitzy", causing both Blitzo and Octavia to spit out their coffee, and the scene cuts between Blitzo and Octavia screaming "what the fuck". Stolas chides both of them about their language, before telling Blitzo he has a special request; Blitzo tells him he just had a skin treatment, and isn't willing to sleep with Stolas at the moment before Stolas tells him it's about his daughter. Blitzo asks him to tell her to wash first, causing Stolas to panic slightly before he tells him he is taking her to Loo Loo Land and he wants I.M.P to accompany them.

Blitzo tells Stolas they are assassins, not bodyguards, and not to invite them anywhere if no one's going to die. Stolas tells Blitzo he'll pay them in money, which Blitzo agrees to, accidentally breaking his phone in excitement. Using a megaphone, Blitzo tells Millie and Moxxie to get in his office as they are going to Loo Loo Land. Moxxie opens Blitzo's office door, questioningly saying Loo Loo Land, while Millie breaks through the window in the door, excitedly exclaiming Loo Loo Land, and Blitzo using the megaphone yells Loo Loo Land, causing Loona to yell for them to shut up from off-screen.

It then cuts to the theme park as an I.M.P. branded minivan arrives and Moxxie opens the back door for Stolas. Stolas quickly exits the van, while Octavia reluctantly gets out. Stolas puts on a Loo Loo Land hat, as Octavia follows him, pulling her beanie down and closing her jacket. Blitzo and Stolas then talk, with Blitzo telling him this is strictly business and that his company isn't there to satisfy his perversions. Octavia tries to interrupt and talk to her father, but Blitzo asks her to wait, before continuing his conversation with Stolas and warning him not to try and have sex with him in the park, but Stolas cuts him off, telling him he is cute when he's serious.

Octavia says she thinks she's going to be sick, and Moxxie offers her medicine, having brought antacids, ibuprofen, and several syringes of morphine with him. Octavia tells him she was being figurative, and Moxxie dumps the morphine into a pram with a baby imp in it. As Octavia walks away Millie expresses her excitement to be back in the park, as it's her first visit since she was a child, commenting how it hasn't changed a bit as a letter falls from a sign. She then points out one of the attractions to Moxxie, who finds it concerning. Millie says it's fun, and asks if Moxxie has ever visited a theme park before, and he tells her he hasn't as he finds them disturbing, especially the mascots.

A Loo Loo mascot then walks up to the pair, frightening Moxxie who had his back to it, welcoming them to the park. Stolas points out Loo Loo to Octavia, who questions it on if the park is a rip off of Lucifer's far more famous and popular Lu Lu World. The mascot tells her it isn't, and she comments that the park reeks of corporate insecurity, before Stolas takes her to check out the rides. The mascot tells Blitzo that it finds Octavia creepy, and he tells it to wait until her dad tries to diddle its holes before following Stolas; this confuses the mascot who tries to ask Moxxie what Blitzo is talking about, but he tells it not to talk to him, as he knows there's a pervert under that costume.

Millie and Moxxie then wander through the park, with Millie happily reminiscing about how her parents would bring her and her siblings to the park, when money allowed. Moxxie agrees that the park does seem pricey as they pass a gift shop, commenting on the price of a novelty cup, which Millie brushes off as being because it's Loo Loo Land. As they continue through the park, Blitzo then exits the store behind them wearing a beer holder hat and sipping from one of the novelty cups. Blitzo tells Moxxie to listen to Millie, and orders them to go have fun while he takes the first watch with the Goetia royalty.

Millie excitedly grabs Moxxie, and holding him over her head, says they have to do her favorite ride: a roller coaster named The Lawsuit, much to his dismay. It then cuts to Moxxie violently vomiting into a trashcan, while Blitzo conspicuously follows Stolas and Octavia through the park. Stolas begins flirting with Blitzo, telling him it's thrilling to see him on the job, and Octavia tells them to get a room. Stolas then notices a circus show that he thought Octavia enjoyed as a child, which actually frightened her to tears, and where Blitzo used to work at. Both Blitzo and Octavia comment that they hate the show's star clown, before Stolas politely interrupts to ask Blitzo to do his job, as a group of Imps try to kidnap him. Blitzo shoots one of them and the rest run off, and Stolas takes the pair to see the circus.

Taking a seat, Octavia rips the bag off Stolas' head from the failed kidnapping attempt before Robo Fizz, the show's robotic clown, takes center stage. Robo Fizz delivers a brief speech about how Loo Loo Land is legally distinct from Lu Lu World, before breaking into song with a robotic band about the park. It then cuts to Millie and Moxxie walking through the park, as a stall operator calls for people to step up and try a shooting gallery carnival game. Millie falls in love with the game's prize; Moxxie, who is pleased to finally see something he can handle, buys one game. Unfortunately for Moxxie, the game is rigged and despite hitting the bullseye the targets don't fall down when hit, but the operator goads him into continuing to buy further games.

It then cuts back to Blitzo and the royal family at the circus, where Robo Fizz has finished his song. Stolas enthusiastically applauds the show, much to Octavia's embarrassment, when Blitzo shoots another Imp before it can attack Stolas. Stolas compliments Blitzo's aim, causing Octavia to storm out of the tent, and Stolas follows her. Having heard Blitzo's name, Robo Fizz notices him in the upper stands, and comments about how kids are still running away from him. Blitzo tells him the "O" is silent now, causing Robo Fizz to taunt him about how it's just like his audiences were when he was on stage. Blitzo furiously tells him he makes more money killing people than Robo Fizz ever did being a robotic rip-off of the real Fizzarolli. Robo Fizz calls him salty, and that real or not everybody loves him while no one loves Blitzo. Blitzo then comments how he's really good with guns now, and begins shooting at Robo Fizz who dodges his gunfire and attacks him, throwing Blitzo out of the tent through the roof. Blitzo lands on a cart of flaming torches, scattering them across the ground and igniting the circus tent. The now on fire members of Robo Fizz's robotic band exit the tent, followed by Robo Fizz himself who continues to attack Blitzo.

Meanwhile, Moxxie lost a large amount of money trying to win the carnival game as the stall operator mocks him about his aim. Millie then tries, missing the targets completely, but the operator presses a foot pedal to lower the target. Moxxie attempts to confront the operator about how clearly rigged the game is, but the operator tells him to get lost, as he tries to flirt with Millie, creeping her out.

At that same moment, Robo Fizz and Blitzo's fight reaches the same area of the carnival as Millie and Moxxie, and the stall operator is crushed by Blitzo after Robo Fizz tosses him into the air again. As the pair asks Blitzo what he's doing, he brushes them off and tells them to look for Stolas while he continues fighting Robo Fizz. Blitzo shoots the now fire-scarred Robo Fizz in the mouth with a flintlock, but it spits out the bullet and continues attacking him, further destroying the stall Blitzo landed in. The prizes are flung into the air, interrupting a family as one lands on a demon child, whose father berates him for ruining another family photo.

It then cuts to Stolas as he looks for Octavia, who tells him to leave her alone as she enters the carnival Fun House. Stolas enters after her, and is followed by the Imps who tried to kidnap him earlier. As one of the Imps jumps onto his back, Millie and Moxxie catch up with him, and Millie shoots it. Stolas asks them where Blitzo is, and Moxxie tells him he's being a fool, and is setting the park on fire. Stolas then continues through the Fun House, finding Octavia crying while sitting in the ride. Dropping the Loo Loo Land hat, Stolas sits down next to her, finally realizing she's not having fun. He then apologizes for taking her, saying he thought she loved it. She tells him she did when she was a child and didn't have parents who hated each other and a dad who flirted with a 'weird red dickhead' the entire time.

Stolas tells her he's sorry for everything, and Octavia says she wants to go home, but home doesn't feel like home anymore, and that he ruined it. Stolas tries to explain why he cheated on his wife, but struggles to find the words. Octavia asks if he's going to run off with Blitzo, and leave her behind to go where she can't find him, Stolas reassures her, telling her he'd never do that. They then go to leave, as Stolas tells her she was right, and that she's too old for it. As they exit, an Imp jumps down from the ceiling and draws a knife, but Stolas turns it to stone with a glare.

Walking past Blitzo's ongoing fight with Robo Fizz and the other robots to the parking lot, Stolas asks Octavia what she wants to do now. Octavia asks to visit Stylish Occult, a store that sells weird taxidermy, which slightly confuses him but he agrees anyway. Octavia tells him he's not so bad at times, as the park explodes behind them, propelling Blitzo, Millie and Moxxie through the air where they land near the pair. Millie is dragged away and Moxxie sarcastically compliments Blitzo on ruining another good thing. Blitzo retorts that it was worth it and Robo Fizz had it coming before passing out.









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  • Robo Fizz makes a nod to Charlie's song when he sings the line "I have a dream I'm here to tell".
  • A majority of the imp patrons at Loo Loo Land are the crew's impsonas.
  • Blitzo remarks how the "o" has been silent since his resignation from his job at the circus, hinting that "Blitzo" could have been his stage name turned real name.
  • Similar to Medusa, Stolas also demonstrates the ability of petrification.
  • According to the official Helluva Boss twitter account, Loo Loo Land is located in the Greed Ring.[3] It is also worth noting that this was first hinted at when the camera shows a sign saying that Mammon owns Loo Loo Land.
  • One of the other plush prizes next to the "Thing?"s is a rabbit that is red on one half and blue on the other, which is a reference to Ashley Nichols' Hazbin Hotel OC, Honey Spice.
  • This is the first episode wherein none of the characters set foot onto the mortal realm.
    • This is also the first episode wherein the concept of traversing the Rings is introduced.
  • The scene with Moxxie and Millie's conversation regarding Loo Loo Land was shown as a preview during the BLM Helluva Charity Stream hosted on June 10, 2020, on Ashley Nichols's YouTube channel.[4]
    • Additionally, the designs for Stolas's outfit changes for the episode were also revealed during the BLM Charity Stream.[5]
  • A creature similar to Queef makes a brief appearance near the end of the episode, either being a member of Queef's species or it being Queef himself.

Cultural References

  • During the overhead view of the theme park when the mascot says "Welcome to Loo Loo Land", you can see an imp with an outfit that looks similar to the iconic character, Where's Waldo?.
  • One of the game stand signs reads "MUPPET", which seems to be a direct nod to Jim Henson's Muppets.
  • The Loo Loo Band members are a reference to the animatronic mascot characters seen in children’s restaurants throughout the 80s and 90s, particularly the Pizza Time Players and Munch's Make Believe Band from Chuck E. Cheese, that are infamous for being degraded and nightmarish.
  • Octavia and Stolas' experience in the FizzaRolli 'n Friends tent is reminiscent of the Lester’s Possum Park preshow in A Goofy Movie.
  • The scene where Millie and Moxxie played the carnival game is a reference to a scene from Despicable Me when Margo, Edith, and Agnes couldn't knock down the spaceship at a theme park carnival game, and the employee working at the game was quite snarky. Both carnival games were very similar, and the employee in Helluva even wears the same hat.
  • When Millie questions on the plush toy's species and wants it, it's a reference from Gravity Falls when Wendy questions the Duck-Panda toy's species but still wants it anyways.
  • During Robo Fizz's taunt towards Blitzo some of his dance moves resembled the "Carson Dance" internet meme.
  • The shot of Robo Fizz emerging from the flames with his burnt skin exposing his mechanical red eye is a homage to the T-800 in The Terminator.
  • If you look closely at the Greed Seeds cereal on the side, a label appears saying "No one cares! If diabetes exists, then why is it so hard to spell?". This is a reference to one of Brandon Rogers' Bla-Bla the Clown skits on his channel.
  • The father of the family present in the theme park has a similar British accent and appearance to Richard Griffiths' portrayal of Vernon Dursley from the Harry Potter films, as well as a poor relationship with his oldest son.
  • The poison apple stand's motif is a nod to Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.


  • This is the second time Blitzo mentions how he is not opposed to having a threesome with Millie and Moxxie.
  • Eddie calling Blitzo a "selfish greedy clown" in the pilot hinted at Blitzo's previous job as an actual clown at the Loo Loo Land circus as shown in a flashback in this episode.
  • Martha's eye can be seen in a jar being displayed on the upper shelf in Blitzo's office.


  • When Blitzo smashes his phone, the pieces are all over his desk. On the later scene, the pieces of his phone are gone.
  • The outer outline of Octavia's bangs clips through Stolas's face during the scene wherein the camera closes up on Octavia hugging her dad.
  • The time shows 8:30 when Blitzo and Stolas walks through the entrance of the theme park but the time suddenly changes to 6:30.
    • Additionally, the "Balloons Attack" booth was right next to the booths selling hats during this scene, but later changes locations to be right behind the dinosaur animatronic, now missing the "s" at the end of "Balloons".
  • The store that sells novelty cups Millie and Moxxie were looking at disappears in the following shot.
  • During the scene wherein Blitzo gets thrown into the roof of the target-shooting booth Moxxie and Millie were at, the display only shows a handful of plushes, but in the next scene, the display suddenly has a plethora of "Thing?"s.
  • The marking that goes over Blitzo’s eye phases through his mouth when he tells Robo Fizz that he is good with guns.
  • The baby stroller disappears twice during the scene where Moxxie asks Octavia what medicine she needs. It first disappeared when Moxxie was rummaging through his fanny pack, reappears in the following scene, and once again disappears after he dumps the syringes into it.
  • The design on the sleeve of Blitzo's uniform is miscolored white instead of yellow when he tells Stolas off about their trip to Loo Loo Land strictly being business-only.
  • When Moxxie and Millie find Stolas in the Fun House, Moxxie is holding the toy Millie won, though during the frames where Millie's staring at the toy her right horn is gone.
  • During the scene where the "Thing?"s start flying off due to the explosion, they are all missing the three strands of hair they have in every other scene.