Mammon's Loo Loo Land, or simply just Loo Loo Land, was an amusement park located in the Greed Ring of Hell that appears in the second episode of Helluva Boss.[1]


Loo Loo Land was a bootleg spin-off of Lucifer Magne's Lu Lu World, with the name change made to avoid lawsuits. The park appears to be owned by a demon named Mammon who so far only appears in name and writing, having signed a statement claiming he wasn't intending to rip off Lucifer.

The park itself was a typical carnival with overpriced items and rigged games. It was somewhat shabby, as several elements of the park were either broken, cracked or look dishevelled and run down such as the mascots, the animatronics and the apple statues. The attractions also seemed to be rather dangerous since Loo Loo, the park's mascot, sardonically insinuated that if anyone were to be hurt they could try and sue them.

At one point, Loo Loo Land was entirely populated by Imps as its patrons and employees.


  • The Lawsuit
  • Fizzarolli 'n Friends
  • Petting Zoo
  • Extermination
  • Balloon Attack
  • Plush Plush
  • Big Woobly
  • Carousel Ride
  • Funnel Cakes & Infinite Suffering
  • Ice Cream Bugs
  • Hot & Cold Drunks
  • Hax Away
  • Stop That Soul
  • Teeth Off!
  • Piraña
  • Knock a Bottle
  • Happy Duckling
  • Shoot Apple
  • Applelotto
  • Eggs in the Basket
  • Poison Apples
  • Drown the Sinner
  • Fun House



  • According to the official Helluva Boss Twitter account, Loo Loo Land is located in the Greed Ring.[1]
  • The “Poison Apples” game may be a reference to the poison apples from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.


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