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Blitzo is Loona's boss and adoptive father and has been since she was 17. He has a father-daughter relationship with her as he enables her actions, and at times when he defends her, she smiles and agrees to his defense. She is also shown to appreciate Blitzo's sense of humor, especially if it's at Moxxie's expense since she was seen stifling a laugh when the former made a joke of the latter's dick size.

Despite this, she is still easily tempered when he cuddles her and was unappreciative when she didn't receive the present she wanted. She also is grossed out when he offers her a treat and then eats it himself.

In the episode, "Spring Broken", Loona almost calls Blitzo "dad" when he states her looks are fine, but catches herself and calls him by name. Later, she and Blitzo get into a heated argument, which ends with her insulting Blitzo and hurting his feelings. Realizing this, she does try to apologize, but he storms off. As the episode neared its end, Blitzo, as Loona guessed, appears to have moved on. It currently remains unknown if his and Loona's fight had negatively affected him and is just trying to hide it.


Moxxie is one of Loona's colleagues. They seem to strongly dislike each other and she often pokes fun of his weight and his marital status. She also seems to enjoy seeing Moxxie suffer since she was seen watching something on her phone that shows him being killed in multiple ways and snickered when Blitzo made a joke about the size of the latter's penis.

She does show some willingness to help him with work when he was struggling with the idea of killing an "innocent family" by coming up with sinful backstories for the people in the photo she was holding.


Millie is one of Loona's colleagues. They both dislike each other, as Loona once ignored Millie's calls for help after a stabbing. She also snarled at Millie for insulting her after Loona insulted Moxxie. However, they both seem to tolerate each other enough to work together on missions (if Loona cares enough, that is). Millie usually refers to Loona as "our Hellhound" or "Blitzo's Hellhound", which irritates Loona.



Loona is only ever seen communicating to Stolas via phone, but it is presumed that she thinks negatively of him, calling him a “clingy rich asshole”.


The only reason why Loona refrained from attacking Eddie even more was because, at the time, the company still was not sure if he was the right target. However, her apathy towards him turned into hatred after he insulted her by claiming to be a cat person, thus striking a nerve. She did not hesitate to proceed to help disembody his carcass after finding out that he was the right target, and seemed somewhat satisfied at his death.


Loona met Vortex through Blitzo's rivalry with Verosika and immediately became smitten with him. Her attraction to him makes her awkward, but that doesn't stop them from forming a connection in a short span of time. Vortex treats her in a friendly manner, and finds some of her actions cute or funny, as shown from his joke of recreating her introduction to him. The two then became somewhat friends, as Vortex didn’t mind her company and didn’t view her (or her loyalties) in the same negative views as his employer. She hoped this would lead to them dating, but soon learns that Vortex already has a girlfriend, much to her disappointment. Whether or not her crush on him still exists because of this is unknown.

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