The Pilot

"Oh, sit on a dick, Moxxie."
―Loona, to Moxxie
"Is it a cure for Syphilis?"
―Loona, asking about her gift
"Whoever left the fucking avocado salad in the fridge, I'm taking it because I have the worst hangover right now."
―Loona, raiding the fridge
"I'm hungover from this morning, dumbass!"
―Loona, to Millie, who questions her about drinking on a work night
"You know what? I can't take this assault right now! I need to blow off some fucking steam!"
―Loona, enraged
"Blitzo, that clingy rich asshole is on the phone. Says it's urgent and wants to talk to you. Sounds a little DTF-y."
―Loona, about Stolas
"The only reason you have a wife is because you're easy to manage!"
―Loona, to Moxxie

Murder Family

"Wow. I feel SO loved here."
―Loona, when Millie says Moxxie might hit their only Hellhound
"Hey, you don't know they're innocent. This kid probably sets dogs on fire. Maybe THIS girl gets off to bullying Australian kids online and THIS guy... This guy DEFINITELY watches."
―Loona, when Moxxie implies the family in the picture she is holding might be innocent
"You're so gross!"
―Loona, to Blitzo after he eats a dog treat he offered her

Loo Loo Land

"Shut the FUCK up!!"
―Loona, when she hears her co-workers shouting about Loo Loo Land

Spring Broken

"You think they saw me? Fuck! I did my makeup shitty today!"
―Loona, worried about her appearance after seeing Vortex for the first time
"Shut up Da- Ugh! Blitzo!"
―Loona, to Blitzo
"You three have been screwing around on Earth this whole fucking time, without human disguises?!"
―Loona, realizing Blitzo, Moxxie and Millie haven't been using human disguises
"Oh yeah, I wish I had friends. Haha, heh... I mean, I don't have any friends."
―Loona, to Vortex
"Fuck, Blitzo! Why can't you stay out of my face for five minutes?!"
―Loona, yelling at Blitzo
"I didn't need you then, asshole! I don't now."
―Loona saying she doesn't need Blitzo
"Yeah, I'm fine. He'll get over it... he always does."
―Loona, after being asked if she's okay


"Stop getting hysterical, fatty!"
―Loona, to Moxxie
"Could've just used the door, dude. Doesn't need to be this whole thing."
―Loona, to Loopty Goopty
"Just sayin', the front door would’ve gotten you here fine."
―Loona, to Loopty Goopty

The Harvest Moon Festival

"I'm not JUST his Hellhound."
―Loona to Millie when she introduces her and Blitzo to her parents
"Y'all don't deserve to know my name."
―Loona, to Millie's parents
"That's what she said!"
―Loona, making fun of Blitzo
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