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"I am Loopty Goopty, dastardly inventor of all things Loopy and Loopish!"
―Loopty Goopty, introducing himself

Loopty Goopty is a Sinner and a minor character who made his debut in "C.H.E.R.U.B". He hired I.M.P in hopes of killing his business partner, Lyle Lipton.


Loopty's Demon form is a fairly tall demon that primarily has a red color scheme, with a lighter red face, along with darker red horns and nose, which is prominently long, and a black handlebar mustache. He wears a black top hat with a neon green band on his head and a pair of acid green goggles with dark green swirls in the lenses and a black strap on his face. His outfit consists of a black jumpsuit with a bright green neck piece, along with a bright green curve shape on his chest and stomach that reaches the groin, resembling that of a question mark. He also wears red gloves on his hands, bright green boots, and a blood-red cape. He can also be seen having black mechanical tentacles with red outlines extending out of his back.


Loopty is described by himself and others to be a very eccentric person, and often does ridiculously eccentric things to the extreme for no reason at times. Like his business partner, Loopty is a very greedy man with little to no care about anyone or anything else, and expresses an innate desire to take vengeance on other people, even though they didn’t do anything to wrong him in the first place. A prime example being when he wanted Lyle dead for surviving their failed experiment when he himself did not. He is also somewhat petty and if not a bit childish for this. Loopty is also highly intelligent, being an inventor, but often uses these inventions for the wrong reasons. Despite this, he did care about Lyle, his best friend.



  • Wide Intellect: Loopty is shown to be quite the genius, as he and his business partner invented an anti-aging machine, and co-founded a company that eventually grew into a technological empire.

Unique Abilities

  • Cybernetic Limbs: Loopty has the ability to summon mechanical limbs that emerge from his body.
  • Weapon Summoning: Loopty is able to summon a variety of weapons, such as a pistol, circular saw, and a double-barrel shotgun.



  • Similar to Alastor, he and Lyle both still retain their human names upon arriving in Hell.
  • Loopty's retractable mechanical arms are reminiscent to those of Spider-Man villain Doctor Octopus.
  • Loopty shares two similar traits with Blitzo.
    • They both are voiced by Brandon Rogers.
    • They both dislike it whenever anyone mispronounces their names.
  • Coincidentally months after the episodes premiere, Brandon had a character with a similar name, whom was also an inventor, in one of his videos named Gloria Goopty (played by Kornbread Jeté), specifically in the A Day with a Robot video.[1]
  • He resembles the human form of Jinxer from Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue.