Mammon is a character in Helluva Boss who is indirectly introduced in "Loo Loo Land", where his name is credited as the owner of the theme park of the same name, Loo Loo Land. Not much is known about him besides the fact that he claims that he and Lucifer are friends, as shown in his contract regarding the issues for his theme park.

He owns the character of Fizzarolli, and by extension his robotic duplicate, Robo Fizz. He also appears to own a cereal brand called Greed Seeds, as shown in the episode Loo Loo Land.


Mammon, based on his appearance in portraits of him throughout the many things he owns, has the appearance of a basic jester, somewhat resembling Fizzarolli. He wears a jester hat and collar and what appears to be an eye mask. In his depictions so far, he dons a large sharp-toothed grin.


While Mammon hasn't been directly shown yet, judging from the posters and writing signed by him, Mammon is very insistent on small details, such as stipulating in his contract that Loo Loo Land not being a bootleg duplicate of Lu Lu World by the case of its spelling.


Natural Abilities

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Unique Abilities

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  • Mammon's name in Hebrew means "money", which has then been adopted in modern Hebrew to also mean "wealth".
  • Mammon is based on the actual Prince of Hell representing Greed in Binsfeld's classification of demons.
    • It is unknown whether he rules the Ring of Greed as Lucifer rules the Ring of Pride, the highest ring in Hell.[1] However, seeing as how his signature and portrait can be seen in the banknote for a hundred souls, he can be assumed as somewhat of a high ranking figure just as how authorized figures have their signatures and portraits featured in banknotes in real life.
    • It is also unknown if he is part of the class of demons known as the Seven Deadly Sins for this reason.


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