"I know you're hurtin', little devil. I promise that I can make the pain go real quick. Just come let Mama Martha put a bullet in your pretty little skull!"
―Martha hunting Blitzo

Martha is the first main antagonist of the Helluva Boss episode, "Murder Family", whom causes Mrs. Mayberry to kill her husband as well as attempt to kill her unsuccessfully in a blind fit of rage.


Martha resembles a voluptuous Southern Belle. She has light skin, bright pink lipstick, purple eye shadow, and a mole under her right eye, in the same place as Millie's. Martha has big, poofy blonde hair, brown eyes, blue skinny jeans, red bracelets, and a skin tight cream colored shirt with red polka dots that shows off her bust, red high heels, and big, circular blue earrings. She also has a bandage on her forehead from Mrs. Mayberry's attacks.

When Martha shows her true colors, her hair gets ruffled, her blue earrings turned into skulls, her pants become ripped, and she has sharp teeth and red eyes.


At first glance, one would assume Martha and her family would be "happy and wholesome", like Moxxie said, but Martha and her family are actually homicidal maniacs.

She is revealed to be a Satanist later in the episode as she talks about continuing his "dark work". However, Martha has a poor understanding of how Hell works as she was unaware that earthly fire could not kill nor banish demons, which she realized after trying to roast Millie and Blitzo. She is shown several times to sleep with other men though it is unclear if she has an open relationship or she uses it to lure in victims. She also appears to partake in cannibalism and human flaying with her family.


After a failed attempt to "send back to Hell" Blitzo and Millie with a failed sacrificial ritual, she wanted to shoot them. But before she could, she was shot in the back of her head by Moxxie.


  • Martha's voice actor, Jinkx Monsoon, recorded her lines remotely in Portland, Oregon.[1]



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